All Cirrus Tech VPS Hosting Plans updated to Virtuozzo 4

New and existing Cirrus Tech VPS hosting clients can enjoy the benefits of the latest version of Virtuozzo.

Toronto, ON – Nov 10, 2008 With consumers looking at VPS hosting as an attractive alternative to both Shared Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers, leading Canadian web host, Cirrus Tech has taken steps to ensure that their VPS hosting plans stay at the forefront of the VPS hosting market. With this goal in mind, Cirrus Tech has upgraded all their VPS plans to Virtuozzo 4.

Cirrus Tech has enjoyed continued growth in 2008. They attributed this growth largely due to the popularity of their VPS hosting plans which are based on Parallels’ Virtuozzo technology. Virtuozzo is the world’s leading OS virtualization solution, and allows web hosting providers to create isolated containers, or VPSes, on a single physical server.

A VPS operates like a standalone server as it can be rebooted independently and has its own root access, users, IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files. By upgrading to Virtuozzo 4, Cirrus Tech is offering VPS clients the highest levels of performance in their most reliable VPS service yet.

Virtuozzo 4 ensures optimal uptime of servers, containers and applications. There is a general consensus among Cirrus Tech Support Technicians that Virtuozzo 4 is the most reliable version of Virtuozzo they have worked with, and they believe that VPS clients will definitely benefit from this upgrade.

With their commitment to providing the most reliable full featured VPS solution at a competitive price point, Cirrus Tech aims to remain a leader in the growing VPS hosting market.

Cirrus Tech VPS hosting plans are available in both Windows and Linux operating systems.

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