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Cirrus Tech Continues to Upgrade Forward-Thinking Services While Pushing Ahead on User-Friendly Tools for Performance and Security.

In our 20th year of service, once again we have been featured on Hosting Advice. We wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for you, Thanks for keeping us in business.

“Celebrating two decades of Canadian web hosting, Cirrus Tech offers a balanced mix of high-value and high-performance infrastructure designed to help its global customer base grow its online presence. The family-owned host oversees more than 15,000 websites and more than 100,000 domain names, all while delivering above-average 99.99% uptime. Director of Sales Mehdi Salek gives us the scoop on the new features and products awaiting customers, ranging from enhanced performance and updated security measures to a one-of-a-kind plan that combines dedicated server resources with the ease of use of a shared web hosting account.”

You can read the full article here…

5 Key Steps to Prepare Your Online Store, E-Commerce Store, For the Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and I am sure you are working hard to make more money this season!!! You have secured your suppliers, reviewed all your processes from order fulfillment to defining your shipping policy to promotions and advertising but what about your online store?

Can your site handle the traffic spike?
First thing first; take a look your historical data and with a simple analysis you should be able to identify when the website traffic spike could potentially occur; to stress test your site you can use performance-testing applications to simulate the traffic (please communicate with our hosting provider before stress testing your website site). If you are hosting your website on VPS or Cloud VM you should be able to scale up your resources for a month or two to handle extra higher demand.

Make it easy to order
Make sure your shopping cart page is optimized, simple to navigate and easy to make a payment. Well, optimized shopping card should load quickly, should contain all the important information about the product, shipping, and ToS. It should also be easy to read and displayed on a single page. It is vital in today’s competitive online business world to give your customers different payment options for instance Credit Card, PayPal and if you want to be adventures you can accept BitCoin.

Business continuity and Redundancy
It is a nightmare if your website goes offline during the holiday shopping season; you should start putting together a business continuity plan. Conduct a risk assessment of your operation and come up with strategies to safeguard your business against the preventable risks. Make sure all your plugins are up to date and you have applied all the security patches; make sure you are using strong passwords and you have the backup of your website on your local computer. If you are hosting your website on a cloud VM with a reputable hosting company like cirrus hosting your server should be immune from hardware failure, because your data is not tied to a single server and in event of hardware failure your VPS or VM will be loaded on new hardware in a matter of minutes. You can also consult with your hosting provider to explore load balancing option so that you can distribute traffic between multiple servers. Load balancing is a cool option but it requires advanced technical know-how and it is much more expensive.

Website load time
Speed matters!!! In average a well-optimized e-commerce site should load under 3 seconds. There are a few simple steps you can take to reach the load speed of 3 seconds or thereabouts. In my opinion, the most important step is you should choose a light theme and compress your images – you can use Google Page Speed toll to see if your site benefits from compression, consider enabling caching feature and reduce redirects.

Site security and customer trust
An important aspect of any business let alone e-commerce is earning customers trust. One way of achieving that is by securing your communication between your client computer and your server through SSL. You have the option to use a free, open source SSL certificate like Lets Encrypt or a commercial SSL certificate like Comodo. You can learn more about SSL certificates here

What is new in WordPress 5.0?

WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday- November 27, what we know so far is that the new BlockEditor, Gutenberg, will be officially a part of WordPress core; This new editor will give developers and designers greater control over content creation and editing. Gutenberg is designed around the block-based approached, each element in the blog is called block and you can add, edit or customize individual blocks – pictures, sentences, and tables – with greater flexibility. You can explore the new editor by clicking here.

To experience the true freedom and rich features offered by Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0 will launch a new default theme, Twenty Nineteen. The new theme is simple yet sophisticated and gives you total freedom to customize the layout and design.

WordPress 5.0 supports new Internationalisation (i18n) – JavaScript. This new feature makes it easier to localize themes and plugins.

cPanel & WHM New Features – Version 76

October 17, 2018 cPanel, Inc. has officially released cPanel & WHM version 76 and in this post, we will highlight some of the features and updates:


  • Enabled Apache PHP-FPM for all new cPnael setups, this feature enables you to serve more site visits; however in order to make use of this feature you need to have at least 2 GB of memory on your server.
  • Tomcat users can migrate to EasyApache4, if you are using Tomcat you can easily migrate to EasyApache4. This new and improved feature provides a private instance for each user and grants full access to users to access and manage Tomcat. Users get full access to the environment with the highest security in mind as each individual user gets their own tomcat service. Admin can assign ports, manage services for users. This solution is highly configurable as users have a full access and freedom to configure the EA4 whichever way they like. It is also very easy to migrate as system automatically cross-references existing tomcat setups on your account and creates new users, I have to point out this is a memory hungry feature so if you have many users using tomcat you should pay attention to memory usage/allocation – during the upgrade system will generate a warning if you do not meet the memory requirements.
  • MySQL/MariaDB Preflight Check, this new future does not only detects some potential unfixable states but also keeps the MySQL/MariaDB up to date and applies security patches automatically
  • SquirrelMail deprecation – SquirrelMail is officially on it way out due to security concerns. However, this change is not affecting current installations but admins should apply the patches and updates manually once it is released by SquirrelMail.
  • Account preferences interface, it makes it easier to change notifications, languages and etc… new and streamlined user interface

Security updates:

  • Git SSH host key verification, this process verifies the host key against the containing known to prevent or provide protection against the man in the middle attacks
  • Upgraded internal PHP, in order to provide more secure panel the internal PHP is upgraded to version 7.2
  • AutoSSL, it allows you to see the log file, manage SSLs and learn about different providers validity period of SSL certificate


In order to learn more about cPanel and detailed information, you can refer to the cPanel feature request site. You can provide feedback and have communication with the community, product owners and cPanel devs. You can also find loads of information on version releases and also compare most of the features between different cPanel versions by visiting, and if you are looking for high-level summary please visit our blog.

Cirrus Hosting is supporting CentOS 7.5, Debian 9.5 and Ubuntu 18.04

Cirrus Hosting is pleased to announce that we are now supporting CentOS 7.5, Debian 9.5 and Ubuntu 18.04; new operating system are now added to our latest Cloud CM and Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans.

CentOS 7.5 – The CentOS 7.5 emphasized more on security, good number of packages are modified such as anaconda, dhcp, grub2, kabi-yum-plugins and many more.

 Debian 9.5 – As it stated in Debian’s official press release, “This point release mainly adds corrections for security issues, along with a few adjustments for serious problems. Security advisories have already been published separately and are referenced where available.” For more information please visit:

 Ubuntu 18.04 – some of the changes include new desktop environment,  Python 3.6, support for color emoji, faster boor speed, optimized CPU utilization, open data initiative (data collected about your server, resource utilization, will be collected and make public – you have the option to disable this feature though)


Everything You Need to Know About Cirrus Hosting’s New and Improved Cloud Reseller Hosting Plans


Toronto, ON – August 10, 2018 Cirrus Tech, a leading Canadian web hosting company, is happy to announce its new and improved Linux and Windows reseller hosting plans. These updates reflect Cirrus Tech’s commitment to providing clients with full-featured web hosting options at a competitive price point.


New and Improved Reseller Plan is deployed on our state of the art cloud virtual machine – runs on SSD drives – which offer you all the advantages of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. One of the main differences between a cloud reseller hosting and conventional reseller hosting is that the server resources are dedicated to you; as a result, you will experience faster and more reliable services. You also have the full access to the control panel which gives you the ability to create individual hosting plans within the reseller plan makes Cirrus Tech’s reseller plan an ideal solution for web designers and developers wanting to package their services with a web hosting plan.


Some of the features included in Cirrus Tech’s Reseller Hosting Plans are:

  • White label branding, keep your brand intact, your clients, your logo and your name
  • Design your own hosting packages, tailored to your business and client needs
  • Dedicated resources with an option to increase memory, CPU and disk space, you are fully isolated from other clients.
  • Industry-leading control panel – cPanel for Linux reseller hosting plans and Plesk Onyx for Windows reseller hosting plans
  • Individual account and database backup capacity, you also have an option to get a remote backup plan for your sensitive data.
  • 1 dedicated IP is included and your option to order additional IPs
  • Unlimited domain and plenty of bandwidth
  • Option to choose multiple PHD versions, MySQL and MSSQL versions. No more restriction on database size and number of instances you can create


More features such as email address, spam filter, SSL certificate, firewall, your choice of OS and database version, full suite of applications available in 1-click install and 27/7 support. Clients have full control over how they want to allocate their resources. In the event that more resources are required, clients can purchase specific resources, such as additional disk space and databases, or upgrade their entire plan easily.


Click here for more information about Cirrus Tech’s reseller hosting.


About Cirrus Tech Ltd

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been actively promoting its services to the hosting industry since 1999. The company has focused on 24/7 tech support, value-added services and a cooperative attitude towards all its clients. Cirrus is now one of Canada’s largest Web / cloud Hosting companies in Canada.

What You Need To Know About GDPR New Changes

Sharing Data for any purpose is much secured than ever before due to the new changes to data privacy laws: GDPR. GDPR abbreviates “General Data Protection Regulations” which will come under effect from 25th May 2018 to comply with European Union (EU) data privacy law. As the GDPR covers a large number and wide scope it’ll surely affect businesses globally including Europe. Regardless of criteria of any business, all the businesses will now have to meet noticeable fine if they don’t comply with GDRP.


So, we find ourselves responsible to inform our honorable clients around the world about the new GDRP system. So they can save themselves from the consequences by consulting their lawyer to keep uninterrupted flaw of business.


Definition of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations

GDRP is forcing companies to use plain language (standard code to follow up & recognized globally) during they collect data from users. As a result, the companies that come under the EU laws need to upgrade their privacy policies according to the GDRP. So now, the people of European Union have more control over their personal information previously used by many companies as a property of businesses.


A deep dive into the GDPR system – Benefits

Following are the benefits people will now get by the implementation of the new GDPR rule:

  • GDPR ensures the right of asking question meaning the companies using personal information are very liable about the data being used in future. Also, an individual can ask for a copy of collected data.
  • Individuals can resubmit, edit and even delete their personal information that has been fetched earlier from them.
  • Anyone can ask for permanent deletion of their personal data which being used or stored for any purpose earlier.
  • Now an individual has more legal rights, such as to limit the processing of any personal information by showing lawful reasons for example that the data has been forcefully collected.
  • Individuals have every right to ask for a copy of personal data in a standard machine-readable format.
  • Finally, no more unwanted marketing emails!! If someone wants to discontinue any service at any time, the company is liable not to use any of that information further. Even though services like analytics cannot use any personal information for targeting an individual without their consent.

In a word, GDPR ensures Access, Consent, Correction, Deletion, Objection, Processing & Probability rights.

data security with GDPR updates


How Cirrus Hosting comes under GDPR?

For connectivity, mobility and faster loading experience, we’re using the cloud-based technology for a long time. To use these services we are directly involved with the EU customers or companies due to our criteria of business.

There is not a must for business to be a resident EU for coming under the GDPR laws. Also, businesses like ours whom fetch data from EU clients and saving them in their server are included under the GDPR laws.

Cirrus Hosting Privacy Policy has explained what information we gather about clients for what purposes and how we protect clients personal information with the highest of security standards. We suggest our clients to review how these new changes apply to them and we will be updating our privacy policy to align it with GDPR regulations.


How much is your penalty if you don’t comply?

Besides the point that it is not a good reputation for a company to be non-compliance and no company wants to be known as the company that doesn’t care or respect the privacy of its users, depending on different factors and circumstance, the fine can be up to 4% on annual turnover and which can maximize up to 20 million Euro.


7 easy steps to avoid the GDPR consequences:

  • A quick audit before the due date over the database about clients and their personal pieces of information can be handy to avoid the consequences.
  • Hiring some Data compliance officers is must for those companies who collect personal information of an individual from EU countries. So, the officers can make sure that policy of local company complies with EU GDPR laws.
  • Also, make sure that people can easily change their consent or either remove permanently.
  • Most importantly, it is a must to update software and processes that are used for storing personal information of clients regarding the GDPR new regulations.
  • Arrange a quick seminar to train your employees about GDPR regulations.
  • Finally, it is your company which is liable for any dispute occurs while collecting data for business purposes. So, keep on a close eye into GDPR updates.


In conclusion, we can say that if you’re collecting data from personals from the residents of EU nations, it’s time to call for professional advice before things get messy. For further information feel free to contact us.


Temporary service disruption – unable to modify DNS entry

Dear valued clients,

As you might know, we are revamping our infrastructure; if you have subscribed to our website and VPS hosting plans prior to 2016 you would NOT be able to make changes to your DNS information through your billing portal. Our technical team is available to assist you during this time; Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cirrus Hosting Expands Its Cloud VPS Services With Lower Pricing, More Resources and Faster Load Times

Cirrus Tech Ltd., a Toronto, Ontario based company specialized in web and cloud hosting and infrastructure services is thrilled to announce it has released upgraded Virtual Private Server plans giving customers more resources for less cost, and also newly added plans of WordPress Hosting. These new plans are adhering Cirrus Hosting’s commitment to lower the cost of cloud hosting and shared hosting and to employ the latest technologies to improve customers’ experience with every purchased resource. Cirrus Hosting has recently announced his partnership with OnApp as its technology provider which transforms Cirrus VM offering into a flexible, scalable and highly automated platform.

Cirrus Hosting is happy to introduce new 100% SSD cloud VM solutions. SSD drive gives customers much higher data read and writes rates than traditional HDD and also a higher performance. Boost your site performance significantly by subscribing to our new fully SSD VPS hosting plans.

  • With CDN-Accelerator of the updated plans, customers can deploy a CDN with just one single button without any modification. Accelerator gives you all the benefits of a global CDN without any of the hassles of configuring and maintaining a CDN platform.
  • Upon Cirrus Hosting’s partnership with SpamExperts, customers can filter out harmful and unwanted content before it gets to their mailbox. SpamExperts secures nearly 100% filtering accuracy rate with a very low false-positive rate.
  • In addition, with Cirrus Tech’s Remote Backup solutions, customers have the ability to easily manage their backup using R1Soft’s web interface.

Cirrus Hosting is also introducing new plans for WordPress Hosting. WordPress hosting plans include easy setup, automated updates and backups, 100% network uptime with no bandwidth limitations and 24/7 support. Cirrus Hosting’s servers are optimized to give customers more secure and super-fast page loads. With free enterprise Email Filtering powered by SpamExperts and Free SSL, new WordPress Hosting plans will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

“SSD is what will help our customers flourish. It’s simply inevitable as more and more companies rely on databases to run their businesses. From WordPress to SQL (MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle) to CRMs like Quickbooks or Sage, IO is becoming increasingly prevalent in most environments and that is exactly why Cirrus has chosen to offer all its VPS and Cloud VMs on them,” said Ali Mirdamadi, CEO of Cirrus Tech Ltd.

With the launch of upgraded VM plans and WordPress Hosting plans, it’s easier than ever to move to Cirrus Hosting’s Servers now. Cirrus Hosting offers best 24/7 support and safety and security of Canada’s privacy regulations on their Canada-based servers.

New VPS plans start at 10$ for 30GB of SSD Disk space. There is a long list of improvements and it will not fit here. Click HERE to find out more about Cirrus Hosting’s Windows hosting plans. Call Cirrus at 1.877.624.7787 (1.905.881.3485 if you’re in the Toronto area) or email at for more information about these new plans or if there are any questions about getting a new server. Cirrus Hosting support team will be happy to assist.

Cirrus Hosting Unveils New Enterprise-Class WordPress Hosting Solutions With Expanded Offering

managed wordpress hosting toronto


Cirrus Tech Ltd., a Toronto based company specialized in providing premium web and VPS hosting and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is thrilled to announce the lunch of its managed WordPress offerings. Optimized for WordPress hosting, new plans give customers more resources for less cost. These new plans are adhering Cirrus Tech’s commitment to lower the cost of shared hosting and to employ the latest technologies to improve customers’ experience.


Cirrus Hosting optimized WordPress plans include easy setup, 100% network uptime with no bandwidth limitations and 24/7 support. Additionally, with automated WordPress updates, enhanced security and automatic backups, Cirrus’s WordPress Hosting keeps sites secure and always updated with the latest version of WordPress. Cirrus Hosting’s servers are optimized to give customers more secure and super-fast page loads. With Email Filtering powered by SpamExperts (included in the plans), new WordPress Hosting plans will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Cirrus Hosting is also offering SSL on these plans at no additional cost so that customers can improve the security of their website and visitors. The certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt. In addition, Cirrus Hosting is offering free migration and free domain name on these plans (when subscribed for 1+ Year of service).


“WordPress powers 28% of the internet. This is what you see when you go to In fact, our own websites run on WordPress. It only makes sense for Cirrus now to offer SSD-based, Managed WordPress hosting to our new and existing clients,” Said Ali Mirdamadi, Cirrus Tech CEO.


With the new WordPress Hosting plans, it’s easier than ever to move to Cirrus Hosting now. Cirrus Hosting offers 24/7 support, adheres to the highest industry-standard security practices and Canada’s privacy regulations on its Canada-based servers.


New WordPress Hosting plans start from 5.95$ for 1 site and 25K visits.  To learn more about Cirrus Hosting WordPress plans and features please Click HERE. Call Cirrus at 1.877.624.7787 (1.905.881.3485 if you’re in the Toronto area) or email at for more information about these new plans or if there are any questions in getting a new server. Cirrus Hosting support team will be happy to assist.