Synchronize your Exchange email and data with your iPhone using iPhone ActiveSync.

Our Exchange hosting clients can now enjoy the benefits of our Hosted Exchange service on their iPhones. With the built-in support for Exchange ActiveSync on the latest iPhones from Apple, you can synchronize your Exchange email, calendar, and contacts with your iPhone. With the support for ActiveSync, the iPhone has truly become a legitimate option for mobile business users.

Cirrus Tech’s Microsoft Exchange Servers includes ActiveSync to provide you with a seamless connection to your Exchange email and data with your iPhone.

How your email gets from your Exchange Account to your Good Mobile enabled Smartphone:

  • Your Exchange Account receives an email
  • Our Exchange Servers pushes the email through the Internet to your Wireless Data Network
  • “Your iPhone receives the email from your Wireless Network

How Much Does it Cost?

In order to get our Exchange Services for your iPhone, you require a subscription to our Hosted Exchange Services and an iPhone with ActiveSync support in addition to a data plan from your wireless service provider.

    • Exchange Plans start at $4.95 / month
    • ActiveSync is available on Personal and Small Business plans as an add-on and included in the Corporate plans
    • Cost of Data Plans from your wireless service provider will vary

Why Choose Cirrus Tech’s iPhone Services

    • Enable your employees with the ability to access their Exchange data from their iPhone anywhere, anytime.
    • Focus on your core business activities and let our Exchange experts take care of the ongoing management and maintenance of the Exchange service.
    • Avoid the high start-up costs associated with deploying an in-house Exchange server and eliminate the need for more IT staff to manage your services.
    • Benefit from leading-edge hardware and software used by Cirrus Tech.