Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Mail?

Read, send and receive e-mail from a standard web browser on any computer, anywhere and easily.

What do you mean by Auto Forwarder Auto Forwarder / Email Redirector?

Redirecting or Forwarding mail redirects it from one specified address to another. Using mail forwards, you can send mail from your Domain to your AOL, Hotmail, or other e-mail address.

What do you mean by Auto Responder?

An automated e-mail reply sent in response to an incoming message for a specific e-mail address. For example, you can use an auto-response to automatically send a standard “Thank You” e-mail response to every customer e-mail.

What do you mean by Email Aliases?

An e-mail pointer which receives e-mail at a specified address and sends it to a specified mailbox, For example, could be an e-mail alias for Add, edit, or remove aliases using the Web-based control panel.

What do you mean by Mailbox?

Mail boxes are in fact your email address. when you sign up for web hosting you will have your own mail box under your own domain. Ex,

Mailboxes can be instantly created from the Web control panel included with all shared hosting packages. Each of our hosting plans includes a specific number of POP e-mail boxes, but additional boxes can be purchased at any time.

What is MySQL?

An Open Source SQL Database, the connectivity, speed, and security make it highly suited for accessing databases on the Internet. Use MySQL to dynamically generate your web pages.

What is ODBC?

This set of application programming interfaces, created by Microsoft, defines how to move information in and out of any PC database that supports the standard.