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cPanel-WHM Features

  • Security

    Take advantages of multiple security tools built into cPanel-WHM like – Black / whitelist individual IPs or regions. Deploy free or commercial SSL certificate and Encrypt all outbound messages

  • Applications

    most popular site builders and wide range of application are available to you and your clients. One click install.

  • Reliable email solution

    the intuitive user interface makes it easy to create email accounts, calendars, set auto responders and forwarders.

  • Backup

    Securely backup your files to your local computer.

  • Database

    Lunch MySQL/MariaDB, PHPMyAdmin and many more other tools

  • Migration tool

    website migration made easy and hassle-free thanks to cPanel migration tool

  • Server performance insights

    view resource utilization, analyze and understand server performance and mitigate risk. 

VPS Features

  • Enterprise quality

    We setup of infrastructure from ground up to ensure reliability and high performance. we utilize enterprise Dell hardware, SSD drives and redundant network.

  • Dedicated resources

    All Cirrus Tech VPS plans come with a dedicated amount of Storage, RAM, and CPU.

  • Full access

    Linux VPS hosting plans come with full root access (SSH) and remote reboot for administrators. With full root access, you can install any supported application and customize your VPS configuration.

  • Secure

    Our Cloud Server has a multi-layer security model. You also have an access to the firewall at hypervisor level which can be configured to accept or drop traffic from specific IPs.

  • Console access

    Higher level of security to access and troubleshoot your VPS.

  • 24/7 support

    Our support technicians are always willing and eager to lend a hand.

  • Pay for what you use

    Start small and scale up to get more CPU, RAM and Disk space without having a downtime or data loss.