CDN – Accelerator

  • Boost The Performance of Your Site or Application Up To 100%

    Fully automated global CDN without any of the complexity

    cdn and accelerator provided by cirrus cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting

Cloud Accelerator

We have integrated the next generation of CDN into our cloud platform. Cloud Accelerator automatically optimizes web applications and content running on the virtual private server (VPS) and automatically publishing them to our global CDN.

What is a Cloud Accelerator?

Cloud accelerator is a geographically distributed network of servers that host files, images, video and other internet content and deliver them to an end user from the location nearest to them. It improves the performance, security and reliability of your website.

Benefits of Cloud Accelerator

One-Click Activation

No Configuration Required

Faster Site Load

Optimized for WordPress

Simple Pricing

Real World Testing

With and without accelerator applied

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