Windows® Server Cloud VM Hosting – Our Newest Offering

Want more control but can’t afford a dedicated server? Cirrus has the web hosting solution for you!

The latest addition to our offerings is a Hypervisor Based Microsoft® Windows® Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting option. These VM plans are perfect for users that want a bare-metal hypervisor solution. Enjoy all the benefits of running a dedicated server while benefitting from the advantages associated with virtualization, such as scalability, lower costs and high-availability.

Our VM hosting services offer the ability to manage and customize your environment, in addition to a fully redundant infrastructure and guaranteed dedicated resources. Let’s look at the plans in a little more detail…

Get More Control with Cirrus VM hosting

Our Windows VM hosting plans offer users greater OS access and more control than other web hosting options. You can update your OS and make modifications to it as you need to, whether you are installing patches or performing updates. Unlike other Virtuozzo based VM solutions, with the Cirrus plans, any Windows update can be installed by an administrator.

The VMs are also fully customizable. If you’re on Windows, enjoy remote desktop access. If you’re running Linux, you’ll have SSH/Root access. All plans include a mail server, FTP server, web server, phpMyAdmin , MySQL database, firewall with GUI and more.
Every Cirrus Windows VM plan comes with the award winning Parallels Plesk Control Panel , making management easy and very user friendly . You’ll be able to automate all your web hosting activities and be in full control from anywhere at anytime. Whether you need to create back-ups of your VM, monitor resource usage, or perform upgrades, it all can be done online with just the click of a button .

You can also enjoy complete hardware independence , easily moving to newer hardware without reconfiguring your OS or application settings. We’ve created our VM plans to be as easy to use as possible.

Plan Options

All of our Virtual Machine hosting plans come with a variety of options so that you can choose the best solution to fit your specific needs. Choose from Windows Server 2003 or 2008 Web, Standard and Enterprise Editions, enterprise Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2012 and a variety of other web and workgroup servers .

Resources and Scalability

Each VM plan offers guaranteed dedicated resources for RAM, HDD, CPU and bandwidth.

Cirrus VM hosting also offers full scalability, accommodating spikes in resource demand and allowing for easy upgrades. Scale up or scale down, as you need to, whether you need to pump up your CPU, increase your disk space or reduce your RAM. Whatever adjustments you want to make to your resources, we are happy to accommodate!

In addition to instant provisioning for the VM set-up, upgrades are also provisioned in just minutes from the time of the request.

Redundant Infrastructure a Cut Above the Rest

The infrastructure powering our VM hosing is fully redundant. This includes redundant power supply, HDDs and storage.

In fact, the redundant storage we offer is unlike the default offerings of most cloud providers. With Cirrus, you’ll have two entirely separate copies of all your data and they will be kept on two separate storage units.

Pretty much anything you can think of doing with a dedicated server you can also do with a VM. Think reliability, flexibility and cost savings, whether your web hosting needs are simple or complex – that’s what Cirrus VM hosting is all about.

Plans start from just $15.99/month and are based out of our Canadian Data Center at 151 Front St. in Toronto. Want more technical details and specifications? Here you go !

And as always, if you have any questions, we’re just an email or phone call away (1.877.624.7787 Opt. 3 or 1.905.881.3485 Opt. 3 locally in Toronto). Contact us anytime 24/7.

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