Remote Desktop / Virtual Desktop

Remote Desktop or Virtual Desktop is a hosted workstation on a remote server that is accessible from anywhere in the world. You can use your PC, laptop or even smartphone to connect to your virtual desktop over the Internet. Rise of the virtual machines made virtual desktops more cost-effective; for instance here at Cirrus Hosting, you can get your own virtual desktops for as low as C$20 per month. Let’s explore some of the great benefits and used cases of Remote Desktop:

  • Easy access / Work remotely: Virtual desktop enables your employees to access their applications and files any time and on any devices. Your staff can get projects done or contribute to collaborative projects remotely when they are working from home or on vacation or self-isolating due to Covid-19. 
  • Install any app on your server: Like your desktop environment you can install your applications and configure your remote desktop exactly as if the program were installed/loaded on your PC; for instance, you can install your accounting software or CRM or tax software. You no longer have to be in the office to generate an invoice or run a report. You have the option to create different accounts with different access levels so your team members or your accountant can access the server so you don’t need to print out the reports or moving the files around.
  • Greater processing capacity:  Virtual desktops eliminate that need to upgrading all your PCs if you do not have the processing power or the latest Windows version to run your new applications natively. Your virtual desktop resources are scalable and you can upgrade or downgrade the Memory and CPU as you go.  
  • Bypass Geo-Restriction: I am sure you have already come across the geo-restriction when trying to access online content or post your product and services from different countries to e-commerce platforms like or or if you are traveling and you need to access your online banking or the government online services. Since your virtual desktop is hosted in Canada You can easily bypass these limitations by remotely connecting to your virtual desktop. 

At Cirrus Hosting we are proud to offer Canada’s fastest Windows Virtual Desktop. We utilize pure SSD drives and resources are physically dedicated to your server. Full administrator access, console access for troubleshooting and also access to the firewall to allow or block traffic before it gets to your server. Our solution is designed for mission-critical and/or highly secure environments. Our downtown Toronto Datacenter has the following attestation reports: SOC1, SOC2, HIPPA and is PCI compliant.

You can view the new Cloud VM plans here. To find out more about Cirrus’ Cloud VMs, visit us at or call 1.877.624.7787

About Cirrus Hosting

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been a leader in providing affordable, dependable cloud hosting as well as website hosting services in Canada since 1999. They have hosted and supported hundreds of thousands of websites and applications for Canadian businesses and clients around the world. As a BBB member with an A+ rating, Cirrus Hosting is a top-notch Canadian web hosting company with professional support, rigorous reliability and easily upgradable VPS solutions that grow right alongside your business. Their Canadian data center is at 151 Front Street in Toronto.