Launch of SMB Cloud Hosting

We’ve been busy here at Cirrus preparing and formulating our latest service offering… and we’re thrilled to announce that Cirrus SMB Cloud Hosting Canada is officially here!

The world of technology is constantly changing. There are always new solutions and new options at your disposal when it comes to your business’ IT management and your online presence.

Cloud is really where it’s been at for the last little while. It’s not a passing trend. It’s here to stay. Which is why we launched our cloud hosting services back in January of last year.

But we also understand that leveraging cloud technology goes beyond hosting. It gives businesses large and small the opportunity to create a completely virtualized environment that takes care of your online presence, your communications and how efficiently and productively your whole business operates.

We put our heads together to consider how small-mid sized business can best take on the cloud. Juggling a whole bunch of service providers or needing to train or hire new IT staff is definitely not what a busy and resource strapped business owner wants to take on. We saw that it was precisely these types of challenges that were holding businesses back from going cloud. And we thought to ourselves… how can we fix that and make cloud adoption easier for our customers?

This is where the Cirrus SMB cloud steps in – you won’t find anything like it anywhere else! It’s an all-encompassing, all the cloud tech you need package that gives you…

an easy to use platform that doesn’t require a whole bunch of tech savvy
a streamlined offering that removes the need to manage various service providers
a cost effective solution that any small to mid sized business can take advantage of. Yes, the tech is enterprise class. But the prices aren’t. And we take on the management so you don’t need to pump money into IT just to keep your cloud running. All you need is a computer or mobile device… and our managed services take care of the rest.
a partner in cloud that really gets small business. That’s the type of customer we’ve always served at Cirrus.

Let’s look a little more closely at some of the specifics that the Cirrus SMB cloud hosting offering covers…

A website in minutes

With Parallels® Plesk Web Presence Builder (formerly known as SiteBuilder) your business can get a website up and running in as little as 5 minutes. Powerful features include pre-written website content covering a wide range of business topics, integration with social media and the ability to install your favorite CMS (like WordPress and Joomla for example) at the click of a button.

Enterprise class email hosting… on a SMB budget

You don’t have to be a techie to understand how important email communications are to your business. But you might not know that there are all kinds of way to make your email system work harder for you, not the other way around.

Things like anywhere access (any OS, any mobile device, anywhere with an internet connection), tons of collaboration features (calendars, tasks, contacts and mailing lists management), all the antispam and antivirus you need to keep your inbox clean, and super simple migration from whatever email solution you’re currently using.

A phone presence just as professional as your web presence

Yes, the world revolves around the internet. But that doesn’t mean that your customers no longer pick up the phone to get in touch with you. Ensuring a polished and professional business presence also involves having a phone system that oozes credibility. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

Toll free numbers, professional receptionist functionality to re-route and direct calls (even to mobiles) 24 hours a day, extensions, group calls… you name it, you can do it with MightyCall Receptionist.

Easy management

Access hundred of cloud apps including the most popular CMS systems and site/blog builders. Manage your databases, your backups, your FTP and your emails. Get it all done in your cloud with just a few clicks.

Foster a collaborative environment

Your team can easily share files and folders and work collaboratively. No more sifting through emails to find the most updated document or losing important changes or modifications in a cumbersome paper trail.

Our SMB Cloud also features calendaring, task and appointment scheduling and contact management so that your team is always on the same page. No more time wasted on follow-ups or chasing people around.

Gain a competitive edge and round out your web footprint by leveraging cloud technology and the range of online tools available to make things easier on you and better for your bottom line.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. And did we mention that we consult with you every step of the way and have support available 24/7?

The Cirrus SMB Cloud starts at just $34.99/month. Have additional questions about moving your business into the cloud? Contact us today.