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Is Cloud Hosting Really Secure?

Cloud hosting is a fun and financially wise choice for entrepreneurs from all walks of life to invest in. You can begin web hosting with a cloud-based system in your free time and eventually grow your platform into a lucrative program. However, it’s easy to make mistakes or worry about your choices when you start your cloud hosting endeavors. Smart hosting is the best way to ensure you increase your outreach, create a profit, and protect sensitive data. At the center of smart hosting are reliable software systems, supporting IT providers, and security protocols that you can trust.

As you begin hosting, you may be asking yourself whether cloud hosting is really secure. The truth is, cloud hosting is secure if you take the right measures within your platform. That’s where we come in at Cirrus Hosting. We have IT experts who not only provide you with reliable software, servers, and hardware, but who also share insights into cloud hosting security. Stop by our website today to learn more and take a deeper dive into what you need to know about cloud hosting and security. 

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Before we get too far ahead, let’s begin with the basics: what is cloud hosting? 

Cloud hosting essentially turns all of your computer-based system’s applications into cloud resources. In other words, they can now be accessed through the cloud versus solely on a desktop or laptop device. 

This is an intuitive way to make it easier for businesses to access important applications without the need for additional server space. Plus, you can pull together more resources in one location than would traditionally be stored on one dedicated server. 

The “hosting” aspect of cloud hosting comes into play when you offer your cloud systems to others. Cloud hosting allows you to host your website, applications, and cloud resources for others’ use. This is accomplished by spreading your data out through a virtual cloud system which can be accessed from anywhere with a sound connection. 

As a result, cloud hosting can open new opportunities and create interconnectivity among businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Plus, cloud hosting uses multiple machines in different locations, giving it the added benefit of being more reliable in case of one system experiencing issues. 

Variations on Cloud Systems

There are a few variations on the overall idea of a cloud-based system. Cloud systems can be public or privately operated. Businesses often employ private cloud systems instead of public ones, but they can also use both. Of course, whichever option you choose will depend on your unique needs. The difference mostly comes down to who can access the cloud system. If it is private, access is restricted; if it’s public, almost anyone can potentially access that system. With a cloud system, you will also not be sharing physical disk space with other users. 

Understanding Cloud Hosting Security 

Now that we know the basics, it’s easier to understand the ins and outs of cloud hosting security. Cyberthreats are real and can happen to anyone, even those who are prepared. However, having the right security systems in place is the best way to protect against cyberattacks or breaches. 

Cirrus Hosting’s web hosting plans all include standard security measures to protect your information. Cloud computing and security protocols encompass a broad range of technologies, systems, applications, and practices that can protect your virtual cloud infrastructures. Cloud security helps secure all aspects of your virtual cloud hosting systems including your virtualized IP, your installed applications, and all of your data.

In general, computer security systems can help protect against cyberattacks of all kinds, but when it comes to hosting, additional security systems should be enacted specific to cloud hosting. There are many aspects that compose cloud security systems. Firewall protection, strong encryption technology, compliance requirements, password protections, and dual-authentication procedures are all cloud security protocols. With these systems in place, you can have the peace of mind you deserve for all your IT systems.

A Closer Look At Cloud Hosting Security Features 

Of course, cloud hosting without standard data backup procedures in place isn’t the best choice. Cirrus Hosting has remote data backup plans for your VPS systems. This is just another aspect of reliability and security with our affordable hosting plans. In fact, we employ R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software to give you near-continuous protection.

We give you the option to add on different numbers of backups points. The more you have, the more comprehensive your managed backup plan will be.

Encryption technology is a bonus of trusted cloud hosting platforms. Within the cloud, things are usually encrypted and sometimes hidden behind multiple encryptions. Encryption sources vary, but are almost always a solid wall against cyberattacks. 

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