Professional web hosting is easy with help from Cirrus Hosting

3 Features That Cirrus Hosting Gives Web Hosting Professionals

Websites are a key feature that most companies need to grow and expand. Professional web hosting has been made more accessible and easier than ever with improved web building and hosting tools. If you aren’t hosting online, you’re missing out on the potential of gaining new business and improving client/customer relations. At Cirrus Hosting, we provide powerful features that help you grow your business and build your brand.

World-Class Data Center and Processing Power

Our servers are housed in a world-class top-of-the-line data center. Located in the heart of downtown, our data center has unsurpassed levels of security, reliability, and connectivity. Our site is a natural network point for cloud/hosting and large enterprise networks, connected to Canada’s largest and most important carrier hotel. When you host with Cirrus Hosting, you never have to worry about the safety or operability of your servers or websites.


Not only do we provide these security and connectivity services to our direct clients, but we also offer colocation as well. If you have your own fine-tuned servers but don’t want to worry about the time and costs of maintaining them, you can relocate them to our data center and let our technicians manage them for you. Our world-class data center provides you and your server with:

–      Standard connections, cabinets, cages, private pods, and suite deployment options ranging from carrier to enterprise

–      APC hot aisle containment pods with premium dedicated pod options for over ten cabinets

–      Concrete and steel structures to ensure the safety and security of all servers

–      FM-200 fire protection and multi-zone fire suppression.

–      On-site technicians ready to respond to any hazard and alert you to any concerns

When you host or colocate with Cirrus Hosting, you get unbeatable reliability and power with ultimate safety and security.

Reseller Packages

Reseller hosting is a big business that continues to grow daily. When you run a company that helps others with web design, content creation, or marketing, being able to offer professional web hosting services is a major plus. Cirrus Hosting allows you to purchase bulk packages of hosting plans that you can then rebrand and sell directly to your clients. By cutting out the middleman, you improve your client relationship and reduce the stress both of you can face when working through a third party.

  • White Label Web Hosting

When you resell with Cirrus Hosting, you can personally brand all the services we offer so your clients see only your information, logos, news, etc. We are a full white label hosting service, meaning you never have to disclose the use of our servers or services unless you want to. By investing in reseller hosting, you can continue to build your business and expand your services without having to spend the time or money managing your own personal servers.

  • Reseller Hosting Benefits

As a reseller, you and your client get access to the powerful tools and features provided by Cirrus Hosting. You have 24/7, high-quality customer support there to back you up and help with any problems that may arise. With reseller hosting options, you also get free and easy migration assistance so you can move your clients’ sites with ease. We also offer your client the option to scale their package as needed. As your clients continue to grow, so too does your business. And Cirrus Hosting is there to help every step along the way.

features for web hosting professionals

Cloud Hosting

Online hosting can get expensive, especially if you need the power and resources a dedicated server provides. However, you may find that you’re paying for the power you need and some of the time that’s being wasted during the rest of the year. Certain businesses see a spike in online traffic during certain seasons. For example, a wedding planner is likely going to have a spike in user interest during the spring/summer seasons. There’s no reason for them to pay for the higher processing powers during the fall/winter.

That’s where cloud VPS hosting with Cirrus Hosting comes into play. With a virtual private server in the cloud, you have full scalability for your hosting plan. The cloud setup allows us to redirect power and resources to your websites when, and only when, you need them. You can upgrade and downgrade your dedicated resources right from your control panel. With on-demand power, you never have to pay extra for services you don’t need. You’ll also never have to worry about downtimes, as you can quickly and easily bump up processing power if you notice an increase in traffic to your site.

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Professional Web Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

Cirrus Hosting is one of the leading hosting providers available. Our world-class data center is frequently updated, secured, and managed to provide quality connection and service. We offer cost-effective reseller hosting options to help other professionals expand their businesses. And with our latest in cloud hosting technology, we can help you save time and money while continuing to get the resources you need for your online presence.

Professional Web Hosting has never been easier with Cirrus Hosting. Whether you’re looking to start your own online hosting plan, resell hosting to your clients, or find a dedicated and safe location for your servers, we have the service for you. You can browse our hosting packages and other features online or give us a call at 1-647-478-9984 for more information on how our company can help your company grow.