Cloud hosting is a cost effective and flexible hosting option

3 Cloud Hosting Facts You Might Not Know

There is a variety of hosting options available for your company, each with its pros and cons. Small-scale personal hosting is great for single websites and smaller businesses, and dedicated servers are perfect for large-scale websites and bigger companies. No matter what level of hosting you’re looking for, cloud hosting is a cost-effective way to get the power and resources you need. Additionally , Cloud Hosting are great for Business Management. Hosting through the cloud has been around for years, but there still may be some confusion surrounding it. Here are three facts to help you learn more about how cloud hosting works.

  1. Cloud Hosting is Safe

Cloud hosting is one of the safest ways to host online these days. Your data is well protected when you host through the cloud.

Physical Protection

When you have a physical server, there are a lot of physical dangers you need to watch out for. Overheating and fires are some of the most common threats. Without proper cooling or fire-prevention protocols, your servers could be permanently destroyed. And if you don’t have any backups, all of your data can be destroyed with it.

You also have to worry about vandalism and theft with physical servers. Although data centers are watched around the clock and have their own security, there’s always the chance of a break-in and destruction of servers and data. With the cloud, however, you don’t have any physical servers to worry about, so your data is always safe.

Digital Protection

The cloud also provides a boost to your digital security as well. Data and information are safe from hardware failure because the cloud can distribute data across redundant servers. This helps prevent malfunctions from erasing or altering your website’s data. Hosting through the cloud also allows you to utilize multi-layer security levels and hypervisor-level firewalls that protect you and your information against malware and viruses. When you host via the cloud, you’re providing some of the best protection to your data.

2. Cloud Hosting Provides Ultimate Flexibility

When you host on the cloud, you get the most flexibility options available. Dedicated servers can be highly flexible as well, but only the cloud provides the most change on an as-needed basis. When you have a physical server, you’re paying for the entire server and all of the bits and pieces that go with it. This isn’t an issue for some companies, but others may find that this isn’t a cost-effective way to operate.

Some businesses see a natural ebb and flow in user interaction and web traffic throughout the year. For example, wedding planners often find their sites see more use during the summer months and less use during the winter months. If they have a physical server, they’re paying for the resources and power they need for the summer, even when it’s winter and they don’t need it. However, if they host on the cloud, they can quickly and easily adjust their levels to match their needs.

Easy Up- and Downscaling

Using the control panel, users can quickly and easily scale their resources through the cloud. Because there’s no physical server to replace the hardware on, the changes can be made in a matter of seconds. With this, you have ultimate control over how your server operates and can fine-tune the settings as you see fit. You won’t have to worry about paying extra for the power you don’t need, and you can easily scale up to match any traffic spikes you receive.

Cloud hosting facts

3. Cloud Hosting is Affordable

Cloud hosting is a cost-effective way to have control of your digital environment. For as little as $10 a month, you can have the flexibility, power, and security a cloud-hosted site provides. With options ranging from VPS to private servers, you can fine-tune and customize your cloud hosting plan to fit your budget and power needs.

VPS Cloud Plans

With a virtual private server cloud plan, you can share resources with other companies to help save even more money. You can fully customize each plan level to include the resources and tools you need. When you host with a cloud VPS, you can get:

–      30GB – 1TB SSD Disk Space

–      1GB – 128GB Memory

–      1 – 16 vCPU Core(s)

–      2TB – Unlimited Monthly Tracking

–      Compatibility with Linux or Windows

Private Server Cloud Plans

If you want even more flexibility and power, you can host on a private cloud server. This gives you the customization and resources of a dedicated server with all the benefits that cloud hosting has to offer. When you host with a private cloud server, you can get:

–      Dual E5-2609 (v4 1.7 or 2.4) Ghz – 8C/8T

–      32GB – 128GB Memory

–      2 500GB – 1TB SSD Disk

–      3 IPs

–      20 TB Monthly Traffic

–      1GB – 2GB Cache Hardware RAID

Cloud Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we’re dedicated to helping your company get online and maintain a strong web presence. We offer a variety of hosting options, from small personal plans to dedicated servers. Our cloud hosting options provide you and your business with ultimate flexibility and resources at an affordable cost. You can browse our cloud packages online or give us a call at 1-877-624-7787 to learn more about our hosting plans and how we can help your company thrive online.