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Vulnerability in Exim mail server, CVE-2019-10149, cPanel & WHM patch is out

National Vulnerability Database (NVD) posted a warning on 06/05/2019 about the flaw that was found in Exim Versions 4.87 to 4.91 to read more please click here. For those of you who are not familiar with Exim, Exim is an open source message transfer system and its main task is to accept the messages from source and deliver them to the final destinations (to a remote host or a program).  Since cPanel & WHM uses Exim this exploit could affect any server running cPanel & WHM bellow v78.0.27. We advise you to upgrade your cPanel & WHM by taking the following steps in the WebHost Manager interface:

WHM >> Home >> cPanel >> Upgrade to Latest Version

Individual Linux distros also released their patches, for more information please refer to Debian, OpenSuse, and Red Hat.