Introducing Cirrus Cloud VM 1.0 – The latest cloud hosting offer by Cirrus Tech. Ltd

March 2015, Cirrus Tech Ltd, a Toronto, Ontario based company specializing in private and public cloud hosting have chosen OnApp as its technology provider for its cloud VM offerings –formally known as VPS.

This collaboration between Cirrus Tech and OnApp software transforms Cirrus VM offering into a flexible, scalable and highly automated platform.

This new product (Cirrus Cloud VM 1.0) has been intentionally numbered, as Cirrus intends to routinely release new packages with significantly, updated specs and features in each iteration.

The entry package with Single Core 2.0 Ghz CPU, 2 GB of RAM and 50 GB Disk space – starts at $39.99 per month and it would be $23.99 on a 3-year term sign-up.

This is perfect for Website hosting, website developers, desktop on Cloud, VOIP, VPN server etc.


What’s new in Cirrus’s V 1.0:-

SSD Disk option (High Performance disks): This makes our offerings suitable for hosting database driven applications. Where large amounts of read/write operations happen.

Extreme Scalability: In addition, have the ability to build from a relatively small VM and expand to a full blown private cloud with private disks, private networks  and  private severs  referred to as “Smart servers” on the OnApp platform. This would allow customers to host their cloud based applications with peace of mind. Not having to worry about designing and investing too much in infrastructure. This would also allow for significant growth and expand to virtually unlimited capacity with no interruptions in the service.

Hourly Billing: Furthermore, our customers will have the flexibility of paying per hour, for their individual website’s workload. This gives the customer a wide range of billing models such as seasonal billing.


Cirrus Tech’s preexisting cloud features include:

Hardware redundancy (live migration)

  • Redundant storage
  • Quick provisioning
  • Console access
  • Recovery mode (to access file system when OS is not functional)
  • Cloning
  • Image backup included
  • Cloud based DNS included
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from
  • Upgrade resources without reboot for some major operating systems such as CentOS
  • Virtual firewall (Firewall outside of the virtual environment)
  • VM segregation (in case of customer having multiple VMs)
  • Guaranteed and Dedicated resources
  • Intelligent Auto-scaling
  • Load Balancers
  • CDN

More and more businesses are sourcing cloud infrastructure from local providers who can offer a close-touch service with excellent local country support – providers just like Cirrus. Running on the OnApp cloud platform, Cirrus can deliver a great cloud feature set, from traditional VPS through to enterprise hybrid cloud, with a fantastic user experience and all of the key cloud features that business customers need for their apps.”  Kosten Metreweli – Chief Commercial Officer at OnApp

You can view the new Cloud VM plans here on Cirrus’s website: Cirrus Cloud Hosting

To find out more about Cirrus’ Cloud VMs, visit us at or call 1.877.624.7787

About Cirrus Hosting

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been a leader in providing affordable, dependable cloud hosting as well as website hosting services in Canada since 1999.  They have hosted and supported hundreds of thousands of websites and applications for Canadian businesses and clients around the world. As a BBB member with an A+ rating, Cirrus Hosting is a top-notch Canadian web hosting company with professional support, rigorous reliability and easily upgradable VPS solutions that grow right alongside your business. Their Canadian data center is at 151 Front Street in Toronto.