Your Guide to Reseller Hosting

There are plenty of online opportunities to make some extra money. Reseller hosting can be a low-maintenance side gig, a boost to your freelance services, or even a full-time job. By reselling hosting packages, you help your clients get a powerful hosting experience while cutting out the middleman. This leaves you with more control over your own company and the services you can offer for each hosted website. With reseller hosting, you can increase your revenue and build a wider client base.

What is Reseller Hosting?

When someone wants to put their website online, they need to host it on a server. Servers can be expensive, both in initial cost and maintenance. For most, the best option is to use a hosting provider who will rent them server space in their data centers. However, not all users are comfortable with the technical knowledge needed to initiate and maintain their websites. That’s why many small business owners and personal brands turn to a website developer for assistance.

But even then, the developer will still need a website hosting provider to give them access to server space. Going through a third-party hosting program with a client can be frustrating at times, and clients will still have to deal with their accounts at one point or another. That’s where reseller hosting comes into play. With a reseller package, individuals can purchase server space in their own account and then repackage and sell that space to their own clients.

How Reseller Hosting Works

When you host your clients with a reseller package, you get to maintain full control over the account and the way it’s presented. This allows you to sell each hosting plan as if it was your own personal server that you’re renting space out on. You can customize the cPanel and other end-user designs to represent your company. Clients see your logo, your contact information, and all your hard work to get them online. They never have to know that you’re using a hosting provider behind the scenes.

Why Reseller Hosting is So Popular

Reseller hosting has grown as a revenue-generating option in the last few years, and it doesn’t look like its popularity will stop anytime soon. Reselling hosting packages works benefits for all parties involved.

  • Hosting Providers – Hosting providers can rent out their server space without having to put the extra effort into finding new users themselves.
  • Resellers – Freelancers and entrepreneurs alike can make extra money selling hosting plans without having to spend the time and money on maintaining a server.
  • Clients – Anyone looking to host a website online can get a stress-free hosting experience.
With reseller hosting, you can increase your services offered to clients
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How to Get Started with Reseller Hosting

Getting started reselling hosting plans isn’t that complicated, and anyone can set up their reseller business with just a brief initialization time. Just follow these steps to make sure you’re ready, and then you can start reselling hosting packages to all of your clients.

Step One: Secure Interest

Because it’s so quick and easy to create a reseller hosting account and get a plan ready for your client, it’s recommended that you start by having a few clients already interested in this service. Buying plans ahead of time is a great way to make sure you have an account ready to go at a moment’s notice, but you don’t want to spend too much money on empty hosting plans.

Step Two: Create Your Account

Your chosen hosting provider will have a variety of reseller hosting plans for you to choose from. You may also choose to purchase an entire server in their data center if you want all of your clients on the same server (just make sure you have enough interest to support the cost of a dedicated server). Setting up an account is quick and easy, and with 24/7 customer support, there’s always someone available to help if you run into any problems.

Step Three: Customize Your Account

When you resell a hosting plan, you can customize all of the information to match your company and brand. Make sure you go through all of the customization options and replace logos, images, and contact information with your own. This way, your clients will know how to get in touch with you if there’s something wrong. Customizing your account is key to making sure your reseller business maintains professionalism in the business world.

Step Four: Sell Your Plans

When you purchase a reseller hosting package, you’ll have a number of plans that you can offer to your clients. Once you have your account set up, you can resell these plans and get your clients set up on the server. You don’t need to have much technical knowledge to help clients initialize their websites, and customer support is always a call away if you come across any challenges.

Reseller Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we’re dedicated to providing a high-quality hosting experience to all our clients. As a reseller with Cirrus Hosting, you get access to our 24/7 customer service hotline and hundreds of applications and widgets that will help your clients create the website of their dreams. Whether you’re a freelancer, a part-time reseller, or a full-time reseller, we can help you boost your revenue and provide your clients with powerful hosting plans. To get started, you can pick one of our reseller hosting plans online or give us a call at 1-647-478-9984 for assistance with your account.

Can You Make Money as a Hosting Reseller?

Ever since the internet was introduced to the world, the ways one can make money have increased tremendously. Freelance work, remote work, side gigs – all of these can earn you extra bucks from online ventures. With reseller hosting plans, you can boost your income and gain valuable business opportunities. Whether you’re doing this part-time to supplement your day job, enhance your freelance package, or working at it as a full-time job, reseller hosting can certainly make you the extra money you want.

What is Reseller Hosting?

In order to get a website online, the owner has to host the site on a server. Many larger companies have their own servers they use to get online. But many smaller businesses can’t afford their own servers, or they choose to house them in a data center. Many hosting providers allow users to purchase reseller hosting plans. These plans are common hosting options that the buyer can repackage and sell to a client.

When you choose to resell a hosting plan, you get to design the account to match your specific brand. In many cases, clients don’t even know that you’re working with a third-party hosting provider. They see your logo, your contact information, and your hard work whenever they look at their website management portal.

Who Can Benefit from Reseller Hosting Plans?

Nearly anyone can use reseller hosting to make money. Because the hosting service provides the bulk of the work required for hosting, all the reseller needs to do is customize their plan and then help their client maintain it as desired.


Freelancers can gain a lot of benefits from adding reseller hosting to their business. Freelancers who work in website design, web copy, content writing, or even marketing and promotion can boost their customer experience with reseller hosting plans. Most clients like to have all their work in one place, without having to use too many people or companies to get it all done. When you offer website hosting, you eliminate the need for them to contact a third-party hosting service.

Not only does this alleviate the stress of your client having to deal with hosting providers directly, but it also helps ease your job. When you choose to resell hosting packages, you have direct access to the hosting provider and all the support they offer. No more having to wait on your client to get you the access code needed to get into their account. You can control everything without the added steps.

With reseller hosting plans, you can choose when and where you work.
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Full-Time Resellers

You don’t have to be a freelancer in anything else to take advantage of the reseller market. Many clients are looking for easy ways to host their websites. If they try to host it themselves, they’ll most likely end up frustrated or confused. They want someone who can handle all the parts for them. As a full-time reseller, you can offer hosting services to these clients. You don’t even need to know much about hosting to get started. With full access to your hosting provider’s customer support services, you have a good source of knowledge to work from as you go.

Part-Time Resellers

Just like with full-time reselling, you can easily handle a handful of clients on the side as you work your day job. Part-time resell hosting is a great way to supplement your income, earning you that extra money you need to quickly pay off loans or save up for your dream vacation. Because the hosting provider does a lot of the work for you, it’s an effective part-time job that doesn’t take too much effort or time on your end. You can earn some extra money while still enjoying your life and tending to your daily duties.

How Do You Make Money with Reseller Hosting Plans?

As with any job, it does take some time and effort to make money with reseller hosting. First, you need to find clients. If you’re already a freelancer, then you probably have some clients you can sign up right away. If not, you’ll need to begin by advertising your services. One of the best ways to do this is to make your own website through your chosen hosting provider. Not only will your website help you get clients, but you’ll also learn the ins and outs of working with your provider so you can more efficiently resell their hosting plans.

The next part of making money is understanding how to price your hosting packages. You’ll pay a monthly price for each plan, so you need to make sure you sell your plans for more than that. When determining the price, don’t forget to take into account your own hours of work. A cheaper price may help attract more clients, but it won’t be worth it if you’re stressing yourself out working too much for too little.

Reseller Hosting Plans with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we offer three levels of reseller hosting plans to help you earn money. Each plan comes with advanced security, custom scalability, and access to our 24/7/365 customer support service center. We strive to provide the best hosting experience possible to all of our clients, including yours. With Cirrus Hosting backing your reseller hosting business, you’ll earn some extra money without too much stress or hassle. To get started on your reseller hosting journey, give us a call today at 1-647-478-9984.

5 Tips to Establish a Profitable Reseller Hosting Business

Utilizing a website better validates your brand identity and fosters client confidence in the brand despite the social media exposure, which only aids in grabbing customers’ attention. As a result of this shift in conducting business online, everybody desires their websites, which in turn relates to higher demand for web hosting services.

While large web hosting firms have traditionally been the preferred option for large corporate websites, small businesses want custom hosting solutions. Therefore, it has contributed to the growth of the reseller hosting industry. When you choose to do reseller hosting, you have to get some resources and server space which you can get from a web hosting company that deals in providing these resources and then resell them to their customers. With reseller hosting, you may enter the web hosting market without wasting money on hardware resources and management. Once you purchase a reseller hosting plan from a web hosting company, the company will take care of the maintenance and other related issues, which will be your business’s start.

5 Tips to Establish Reseller Hosting Business

  • Choosing The Right Web Host: 

As mentioned above, hardware is not your property in reseller hosting. Instead, the hardware is possessed and maintained by the web hosting business. Therefore, you must pick a web hosting provider with a history of providing dependable, secure, and quick web hosting services. Furthermore, be aware and alert for features like smooth reseller hosting plan upgrades, the latest and well-performing infrastructure and hardware, efficient pre-integrated caching solutions, and a consistent server uptime guarantee. Because untrusted websites won’t attract many visits, many of your clients will transfer to more dependable and safe options. So, do your research and select a reputable web hosting company.

  • Finding Your Expertise: 

There are plenty of hosting businesses available online. So you must distinguish yourself from the competition and provide unique services. The easiest way is to select a specialty and become an expert. For example, you can include a remote backup service in your reseller hosting, which is a service that offers customers a way to back up, save, and recover their computer files, if they get lost, corrupted or damaged due to some reason. Every sector needs a few distinguishing characteristics for its websites. You can therefore adjust your hosting package to accommodate those requirements. In a similar vein, you should constantly be personalizing your hosting options. Large web hosting providers lack flexibility. They mostly have a defined hosting plan configuration; you can’t change that. That’s why a reseller hosting firm appeals to its ability to provide customized hosting solutions. Therefore, be sure to develop unique plans that match the demands of the clients in your industry.

  • Customer Service: 

The most crucial component of every hosting company is customer service. What appeals to customers about a reseller hosting company’s offer is its highly individualized customer service. Companies offering reseller hosting may and ought to be more flexible. Employ chatbots, intelligent engine applications, how-to videos, blogs, and other resources to ensure you give your customers as much assistance as possible. Social media is proving to be an excellent tool for resolving client complaints. Customers can contact the business using this simple route. Therefore, be sure that your company is engaged on social networks and handling client complaints. Understanding consumers’ most prevalent issues or complaints with customer service is also helpful. Support is generally criticized for being slow or ineffective. The openness of communication has also come under criticism. Therefore, be careful not to fall into these traps. Be prompt when resolving difficulties, and inform the client of slowdowns.

  • Marketing: 

Using marketing to promote your brand will help you attract new paying clients. However, marketing involves more than just running Google ads. Marketing has become much more complex. Nowadays, marketing is all about focusing on your expertise and spreading the word to the consumers who are most likely to purchase your goods. In addition to targeted advertising, you ought to create a blog or make YouTube videos and provide informative content for the users. Boost your online visibility as well on social media. Go where the people are rather than requesting them to come to you. Inform potential customers about your promotions and discounts. In addition to actively selling to your audience, increase your social media presence, blogging, and create videos all help your business gain social capital.

  • Self-Operating and Scaling: 

Self-operation is the process of automating as many jobs as you can to free up your time so you can focus on expanding your company. For instance, many programs, such as WHMCS (Webhost Manager Complete Solutions), may automate tedious activities like billing. These programmes will automatically send your client’s invoices, notifications, links, and everything else. You are not required to follow up. By automating tasks, you can focus on expanding your company. Scale is everything in reseller hosting. So, client retention and quality services are where you should focus your attention.

How To Start a Freelance Hosting Business

Freelance hosting can be an excellent business or a lucrative side gig. Are you looking for basic guide How To Start a Freelance Hosting Business? Don’t worry! we are here to help you. Without too much effort on your end, you can provide hosting benefits to your clients. Whether you’re offering just hosting or adding it as an additional service for your marketing, web design, or copywriting business, reseller hosting is a great way to make yourself more profitable. By cutting out the middleman in many web design jobs, you can add value to your freelance business and maintain more clients with further control over their accounts.

Reseller Hosting – The Basics

What It Is

Reseller hosting is a way for you to provide hosting services to your clients without having to own or maintain your own servers. Instead, you buy server space and resources from a professional hosting company and then give your clients access to those accounts. This way, your clients have the full power a hosting service provides without having to deal with the provider or make you deal with them in a roundabout way. With reselling hosting options, you maintain control over their accounts and offer a laid-back hosting experience that will boost your professional value.

How It Works

With reseller hosting, you purchase a hosting plan from a professional hosting provider. However, instead of using it for your own website, you instead set up an account for your client and host their site for them. Reseller Hosting packages are designed to come in bulk, so you can always have an account ready to host for your client. These accounts are fully customizable with your business’ logo and name. There’s no indication at all to your client that you’re working through a third party. This type of white-label hosting allows you to provide hosting services in your freelance business without needing to spend the time, effort, and money on your own servers and setup.

Why It Works

Many freelance website designers or marketing directors utilize reseller hosting to help boost their business. It works so well for most freelancers because it appeals to clients and offers more control over hosting settings. Clients are attracted to the idea of not having to hire another person or company just to host their website. Freelancers are attracted to the extra level of control they have by owning the hosting account and being able to access the settings whenever they want. By adding value to both sides of the contract, reseller hosting is the ideal freelancer experience.

Getting Started with Reseller Hosting

There’s some initial setup you’ll want to pay attention to when starting your freelance hosting business. If you offer a client hosting options without having them available, you’re harming your business and risking the loss of a said client. Whether you’re starting from the ground up or building on a business already in place, it’s important to make sure that everything is ready to go before you start offering hosting services.

How To Start a Freelance Hosting Business
  • Making Your Hosting Account

You’ll need to have an account with the hosting provider you’re going to be working with before you can start selling hosting options to your clients. Making an account is easy, and you can sign up specifically as a reseller. When you sign up this way, you’ll be able to upload your business’ information, including your logo, name, and website, to display on the packages you’ll be offering. With your account made, you can choose from any of the reseller plans available to get your business started.

  • Choosing a Package

There are a variety of reseller options you can choose from when you start your freelance hosting business. Each package comes with a number of accounts that you’ll be able to then resell to your clients. No matter what package you choose, you’ll have full access to the controls of each website directly, including the option to scale resources up or down to meet client needs. The level of package you choose will affect the level of traffic and storage your clients have, so be sure to choose a plan that you think fits with the clients you want or already have.

  • Sell Your Services

With your plan purchased, you can now begin selling hosting services to your freelance clients. When a client purchases your hosting services, you’ll send them the account information for one of your hosting plans. They’ll be able to create their own sign-in, so they can have access and control as they’d like and will see the same cPanel as a normal user would if hosting through your provider. The only difference will be the name and brand information.

  • Fine-Tune Your Accounts

Each account you own and resell is independent of each other. This way, you can adjust and fine-tune the settings as you see fit to match your clients’ needs. You can add or reduce the resources provided to match with web traffic. You’ll be able to install and customize applications like WordPress to your heart’s content. You can even access your provider’s 24/7/365 customer support line for help with any problems that should arise. When you take the time to add reseller hosting to your freelance business, you’re setting yourself up for further success.

Reseller Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we’re dedicated to providing the best hosting experience for everyone, and that includes your clients. When you’re a reseller with us, we provide you the same great customer service and experience we provide to all our customers. We can help you set up your account and adjust your settings so that your clients can start taking advantage of your hosting services right away. If you want to get involved in reseller hosting and see your company boom, you can browse our reseller options online or give us a call at 1-647-478-9984 if you have any questions about your account.