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Latest Update On Apple and Google’s Effort to Shorten The SSL Certificate Lifetime

Once again Apple and Google are reshaping the global Certificate Authority (CA) market. In 2018 we published a blog post about Google’s effort to enhance connection security; Google was encouraging – some might say forcing- website owners to secure their blogs and websites by installing SSL certificate. In October 2017 Google Chrome started showing “Not Secure” warning when visitors enter data on an HTTP page or if visiting HTTP page in private mode. In July 2018 Google launched the next phase, by shows “Not Secure” warning when visiting all HTTP sites through chrome. In this post, we will cover the basics and your options.

This time however they are setting a limit on maximum allowed lifetime for SSLs. On 3rd of March 2020, Apple announced “TLS server certificates issued on or after September 1, 2020 00:00 GMT/UTC must not have a validity period greater than 398 days.” And Google chrome followed suit, read more here. After 1st September if your SSL certificate Validity is more than 398-day you will receive the following error “ ERR_CERT_VALIDITY_TOO_LONG and will be treated as misissued.”

If you are using Let’s Encrypt you do NOT need to take any action. Certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt are valid for 90 days. However If you are using commercial SSL certificates, after 1st September 2020 you can only issue/renew SSL certificates for 1 year ONLY.

Here at Cirrus Hosting we are offering Let’s Encrypt to our customers, our website and WordPress hosting clients are now able to activate Lets Encrypt through their control panel. We also offer Commercial Certificate to our customers. For detail information about the Type of SSL certificates we offer please click here.

About Cirrus Tech Ltd

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been actively promoting its services to the hosting industry since 1999. The company has focused on 24/7 tech support, value-added services and a cooperative attitude towards all its clients. Cirrus is now one of Canada’s largest Web/Cloud Hosting companies.

cPanel Automatic Conversion from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4

As you know cPanel deprecated EasyApache 3 on 31st December 2018. A few days ago cPanel announced a date for EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 Auto conversion; the automatic conversion will take place in early 2020 and it might break your site.

  • Optmods will not be migrated automatically and you have to fix it manually.
  • Upgrade will fail if you don’t have enough free disk space
  • Websites using older PHP version 5.6 and lower will break

To avoid any issues or possible downtime If you have cPanel installed on your VPS/VM or dedicated server it is highly recommended that you initiate the migration from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 yourselves as soon as possible. For step by step instruction please refer to cPanel migration process here. Please make sure you meet all the pre-requisites.

If you currently subscribe to our Management Plan III or IV, no action is required as your server is already up to date. If you need help with managing your server you can always subscribe to one of our server management plans

Cirrus Hosting Is Now Deploying CentOS 8

Cirrus Hosting is happy to announce that we are now offering the latest version of CentOS on our Dedicated Server plans and we are in the process of offering it to our cloud VM/VPS clients. CentOS 8 comes with lots of new features and upgrades. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Introduction of new package manager it’s based on DNF technology. This offers enhanced dependency calculations and optimizes memory utilization.
  •  Encrypted Root File System
  • Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO)
  • nftables is a default filtering framework
  • Python 3.6 is the default version and CentOS 8 still supports Python 2

Cirrus Tech Ltd. – Web Hosting and Hosted Infrastructure Solutions for Small and Large Business

Cirrus Tech Ltd., based in Toronto, Ontario, is a private, family-owned corporation founded in 1999. It is now one of Canada’s largest web hosting companies and a leading provider of comprehensive Internet services. Cirrus Tech provides locally based sales and engineering support for its Internet services in Canada and hosts its entire infrastructure in its local data centers.

Tara Kayhani explains how since its foundation, Cirrus Tech. has vigorously managed to offer valuable web hosting and hosted Internet infrastructure solutions and services to small and large businesses, locally as well as internationally.”

Read more…

cPanel Price Hike and Changes To Licensing Structure

On Thursday 27 Jun 2019 cPanel announced new pricing and licensing structure. cPanel no longer offers unlimited account, instead effective immediately they introduced multi-tier licensing structure:

  • cPanel Admin (up to 5 accounts) – US$20 per month
  • cPanel Pro (up to 30 accounts) – US$30 per month
  • cPanel Premier (up to 100 accounts).  US$45 per month + US$0.20 for each account above 100

We are reviewing the price increases and we will update our clients who are using cPanel at a later date on the impact the changes might have on subscription pricing/renewals.

Plesk Obsidian Features and Release Date

Plesk has recently announced the major release “Plesk Obsidian” and published a release cycle calendar. Although “Plesk Obsidian Release candidate 1” was released on June 4, but General availability of stable version will only be released on October 2019. This major release intends to move Plesk closer to achieving their goal of becoming a “complete website and server management tool”.  Let’s take a look at some of the new cool features of Plesk Obsidian:

-SNI for Mail Server: You can enable SSL/TLS for individual domain to secure the connection. This feature supports both Postfix and MailEnable.

-Composer v2:  Composer is a dependency management tool in PHP. It is not only installed and updates the dependencies but also reviews and highlights the potential challenges with updating the particular PHP version.

-Advanced Monitoring: New Grafana charts give you visibility and insight into your server health. You also can configure email notification to be sent to admin or push notification to the plesk mobile app.

-Mango DB Support: Wait no more with the Plesk Obsidian you can install and manage Mongo DB databases and users.

-Improved Plesk Backup in cloud storage: Taking or restoring backups in Google Drive, Amazon, S3 requires less free space on your server.

To read more about the new the Plesk Obsidian release please click here.

Cirrus Tech Continues to Upgrade Forward-Thinking Services While Pushing Ahead on User-Friendly Tools for Performance and Security.

In our 20th year of service, once again we have been featured on Hosting Advice. We wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for you, Thanks for keeping us in business.

“Celebrating two decades of Canadian web hosting, Cirrus Tech offers a balanced mix of high-value and high-performance infrastructure designed to help its global customer base grow its online presence. The family-owned host oversees more than 15,000 websites and more than 100,000 domain names, all while delivering above-average 99.99% uptime. Director of Sales Mehdi Salek gives us the scoop on the new features and products awaiting customers, ranging from enhanced performance and updated security measures to a one-of-a-kind plan that combines dedicated server resources with the ease of use of a shared web hosting account.”

You can read the full article here…

5 Key Steps to Prepare Your Online Store, E-Commerce Store, For the Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and I am sure you are working hard to make more money this season!!! You have secured your suppliers, reviewed all your processes from order fulfillment to defining your shipping policy to promotions and advertising but what about your online store?

Can your site handle the traffic spike?
First thing first; take a look your historical data and with a simple analysis you should be able to identify when the website traffic spike could potentially occur; to stress test your site you can use performance-testing applications to simulate the traffic (please communicate with our hosting provider before stress testing your website site). If you are hosting your website on VPS or Cloud VM you should be able to scale up your resources for a month or two to handle extra higher demand.

Make it easy to order
Make sure your shopping cart page is optimized, simple to navigate and easy to make a payment. Well, optimized shopping card should load quickly, should contain all the important information about the product, shipping, and ToS. It should also be easy to read and displayed on a single page. It is vital in today’s competitive online business world to give your customers different payment options for instance Credit Card, PayPal and if you want to be adventures you can accept BitCoin.

Business continuity and Redundancy
It is a nightmare if your website goes offline during the holiday shopping season; you should start putting together a business continuity plan. Conduct a risk assessment of your operation and come up with strategies to safeguard your business against the preventable risks. Make sure all your plugins are up to date and you have applied all the security patches; make sure you are using strong passwords and you have the backup of your website on your local computer. If you are hosting your website on a cloud VM with a reputable hosting company like cirrus hosting your server should be immune from hardware failure, because your data is not tied to a single server and in event of hardware failure your VPS or VM will be loaded on new hardware in a matter of minutes. You can also consult with your hosting provider to explore load balancing option so that you can distribute traffic between multiple servers. Load balancing is a cool option but it requires advanced technical know-how and it is much more expensive.

Website load time
Speed matters!!! In average a well-optimized e-commerce site should load under 3 seconds. There are a few simple steps you can take to reach the load speed of 3 seconds or thereabouts. In my opinion, the most important step is you should choose a light theme and compress your images – you can use Google Page Speed toll to see if your site benefits from compression, consider enabling caching feature and reduce redirects.

Site security and customer trust
An important aspect of any business let alone e-commerce is earning customers trust. One way of achieving that is by securing your communication between your client computer and your server through SSL. You have the option to use a free, open source SSL certificate like Lets Encrypt or a commercial SSL certificate like Comodo. You can learn more about SSL certificates here

What is new in WordPress 5.0?

WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday- November 27, what we know so far is that the new BlockEditor, Gutenberg, will be officially a part of WordPress core; This new editor will give developers and designers greater control over content creation and editing. Gutenberg is designed around the block-based approached, each element in the blog is called block and you can add, edit or customize individual blocks – pictures, sentences, and tables – with greater flexibility. You can explore the new editor by clicking here.

To experience the true freedom and rich features offered by Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0 will launch a new default theme, Twenty Nineteen. The new theme is simple yet sophisticated and gives you total freedom to customize the layout and design.

WordPress 5.0 supports new Internationalisation (i18n) – JavaScript. This new feature makes it easier to localize themes and plugins.

cPanel & WHM New Features – Version 76

October 17, 2018 cPanel, Inc. has officially released cPanel & WHM version 76 and in this post, we will highlight some of the features and updates:


  • Enabled Apache PHP-FPM for all new cPnael setups, this feature enables you to serve more site visits; however in order to make use of this feature you need to have at least 2 GB of memory on your server.
  • Tomcat users can migrate to EasyApache4, if you are using Tomcat you can easily migrate to EasyApache4. This new and improved feature provides a private instance for each user and grants full access to users to access and manage Tomcat. Users get full access to the environment with the highest security in mind as each individual user gets their own tomcat service. Admin can assign ports, manage services for users. This solution is highly configurable as users have a full access and freedom to configure the EA4 whichever way they like. It is also very easy to migrate as system automatically cross-references existing tomcat setups on your account and creates new users, I have to point out this is a memory hungry feature so if you have many users using tomcat you should pay attention to memory usage/allocation – during the upgrade system will generate a warning if you do not meet the memory requirements.
  • MySQL/MariaDB Preflight Check, this new future does not only detects some potential unfixable states but also keeps the MySQL/MariaDB up to date and applies security patches automatically
  • SquirrelMail deprecation – SquirrelMail is officially on it way out due to security concerns. However, this change is not affecting current installations but admins should apply the patches and updates manually once it is released by SquirrelMail.
  • Account preferences interface, it makes it easier to change notifications, languages and etc… new and streamlined user interface

Security updates:

  • Git SSH host key verification, this process verifies the host key against the containing known to prevent or provide protection against the man in the middle attacks
  • Upgraded internal PHP, in order to provide more secure panel the internal PHP is upgraded to version 7.2
  • AutoSSL, it allows you to see the log file, manage SSLs and learn about different providers validity period of SSL certificate


In order to learn more about cPanel and detailed information, you can refer to the cPanel feature request site. You can provide feedback and have communication with the community, product owners and cPanel devs. You can also find loads of information on version releases and also compare most of the features between different cPanel versions by visiting, and if you are looking for high-level summary please visit our blog.