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Taking Advantage Of Our Cloud API

One of the most powerful advantages of cloud technology over physical infrastructure deployment is that the cloud is inherently programmable. For businesses and cloud service providers, that brings a whole host of benefits and freedom from many of the headaches associated with managing infrastructure on the physical level.

CirrusHosting allows businesses to take advantage of cloud programmability via the OnApp API, which empowers clients to exercise complete control over their cloud server deployment and management.


Many of the benefits of managing cloud resources via an API can be summed up with one word: control. OnApp’s API allows for a fine-grained control of cloud resources, which results in infrastructure management and deployment processes that are responsive to the needs of businesses in a time frame that allows them to generate the maximum ROI on their own terms, without the limitations inherent in using the control structures deemed suitable by third-party providers. Read more

Using Capistrano To Automatically Deploy Cloud-Based Web Apps

9408924144_a4c49eceacCapistrano is a remote server automation tool that can be used to simultaneously deploy web apps to multiple servers.

Deploying web apps and web sites is one of the more complicated and time consuming tasks that a web developer must endure. Typically, developers will have a number of machines in addition to their production server or servers. They may have a development server in the cloud or they may develop on their desktop or laptop machine. They will probably also have a staging server for testing new code before it’s pushed to production. Syncing up code between these servers manually is problematic and prone to mistakes, particularly if there are multiple development, staging, and production servers that need to be kept synchronized.

At the end of a busy day coding, it’s all to easy to push the wrong data to the wrong server, as an Azerbaijani developer recently discovered, probably to his detriment.
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Launch of SMB Cloud Hosting

We’ve been busy here at Cirrus preparing and formulating our latest service offering… and we’re thrilled to announce that Cirrus SMB Cloud Hosting Canada is officially here!

The world of technology is constantly changing. There are always new solutions and new options at your disposal when it comes to your business’ IT management and your online presence.

Cloud is really where it’s been at for the last little while. It’s not a passing trend. It’s here to stay. Which is why we launched our cloud hosting services back in January of last year.

But we also understand that leveraging cloud technology goes beyond hosting. It gives businesses large and small the opportunity to create a completely virtualized environment that takes care of your online presence, your communications and how efficiently and productively your whole business operates. Read more

Your Top 5 Private Cloud Questions Answered

Now when many businesses talk about cloud, they’ve got setting up a private cloud infrastructure in mind. With no resources being shared and complete control over your set-up and environment, it’s no wonder!

Apparently according to a study done last year by IDC , 55% of IT execs
prefer a private cloud over a public one.

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Windows® Server Cloud VM Hosting – Our Newest Offering

Want more control but can’t afford a dedicated server? Cirrus has the web hosting solution for you!

The latest addition to our offerings is a Hypervisor Based Microsoft® Windows® Virtual Machine (VM) Hosting option. These VM plans are perfect for users that want a bare-metal hypervisor solution. Enjoy all the benefits of running a dedicated server while benefitting from the advantages associated with virtualization, such as scalability, lower costs and high-availability.

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