Cirrus Tech’s Bulk Exchange Hosting Plans were developed for small and medium size organizations that require multiple mailboxes and the ability to create mailboxes with different domain names. Choose from 3 plans that match the requirements of your organization.

Bulk Plan IBulk Plan IIBulk Plan III
Hosted Exchange with SharePoint
Monthly$42.95 / Mailbox$119.95 / Mailbox$225.95 / Mailbox
Quarterly$128.85 / Mailbox$359.85 / Mailbox$677.85 / Mailbox
Semi-annually$257.70 / Mailbox$719.70 / Mailbox$1355.70 / Mailbox
Annually (Save 5 %)$489.63 / Mailbox$1367.43 / Mailbox$2575.83 / Mailbox
Biennially (Save 10 %)$927.72 / Mailbox$2590.92 / Mailbox$4880.52 / Mailbox
Triennially (Save 15 %)$1314.27 / Mailbox$3670.47 / Mailbox$6914.07 / Mailbox
Set-up FeeFreeFreeFree
MS Exchange Features
Diskspace per Mailbox2000 MB2000 MB3000 MB
Number of Mailboxes Included51525
Personal Folder, Contacts, Calendar, TasklistIncludedIncludedIncluded
Outlook Web AccessIncludedIncludedIncluded
POP3 AccessIncludedIncludedIncluded
IMAP4 AccessIncludedIncludedIncluded
Outlook Access (MAPI)Included
Number of Hosted contacts500500500
Public Folder, Contacts, Calendar, TasklistIncludedIncludedIncluded
Number of Distribution Lists255
Maximum Public Folder Disk Space100 MB100 MB100 MB
Email Domains2525
Money Back Guarantee30 days30days30 days
MS SharePoint Features
Number of SharePoint Sites111
Number of SharePoint Users51525
Storage Quota100 MB100 MB100 MB
Monthly Traffic10 GB10 GB10 GB
Number of Application Pools111
Administrator Features
Exchange Control PanelIncludedIncludedIncluded
Exchange Administrators1
SharePoint Administrators111
Additional Features and Add-ons
Outlook DownloadAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
ActiveSync (Mobile Device Access)IncludedIncludedIncluded
ActiveSync Set-up FeeFreeIncludedIncluded
BlackBerry Sync Price$9.95 / Month$9.95 / Month$9.95 / Month
BlackBerry Set-up Fee$39.95$39.95$39.95
Good Mobile Price$19.95 / Month$19.95 / Month$19.95 / Month
Good Mobile Set-up Fee$19.95$19.95$19.95

Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Feature Description

ActiveSync: With ActiveSync, information can be quickly accessed from a mobile device. Mobile devices can maintain a secure connection with the MS Exchange server, receiving email, calendar, tasks and other data. ActiveSync is designed to work with any Palm, PAD, orSmartphonedevice that uses Windows Mobile services.

BlackBerry Sync:This feature allows users to access their Exchange mailbox and other data through their BlackBerry devices. The monthly price and set-up price are both per device.

Distribution List:A distribution list is an emailing list that allows a user to send an email message to everyone included in the distribution list by sending a single email.

Domains:Also known as hostnames, a domain name provides a memorable name to stand for the numeric location on the Internet, such as a website on a web server. For SharePoint, a domain name is essentially the name you want to give your SharePoint site so that users will be able to access it on the Internet. For example, “”.

Exchange Administrators:Exchange Administrators are users with top-level access to the company’s Exchange Plan. These users will have access to the Exchange Control Panel to manage other user accounts.

Exchange Control Panel:The Exchange Control Panel allows Exchange Administrators to manage the features of their company’s Exchange Plan, such as setting up user mailboxes, through a web browser.

Exchange Mailbox:The Exchange Mailbox is an advanced email application that is centrally stored on your Exchange Server. It allows you to keep your email synchronized with other computers and mobile devices. In addition, the Exchange Mailbox allows you to access other data, such as shared calendars, folders, and task lists.

Good Mobile Messaging:This feature provides for the ability to connect to your Exchange Server and perform all necessary functions through a wide range of devices made by Motorola, Nokia, and others, that ActiveSync does not support. The monthly price and set-up price are both per device.

Hosted Contacts:Hosted contacts are contacts that are stored centrally on your Exchange Server. It allows contacts to be synchronized within your organization in addition to having a safe centralized area to store all your company contacts.

IMAP4 Access:IMAP4 is standard protocol for receiving e-mail. It is more advanced than POP3 because it allows users to set-up folders for their email on the server.

Money back guarantee:Cirrus Tech offers a 30 day day money back guarantee to ensure that our services match our client’s needs.

Outlook Access RPC over HTTP:This feature allows users to access their Exchange Server through their Outlook Client by traversing any network firewalls that are enabled.

Outlook Web Access (OWA):This feature allows you to access an online version of your Outlook from a web browser. OWA has most of the functionalities of Outlook, allowing you to work with email, calendars, and other data. You can use OWA from home, an internet café, or any other location with Internet access.

POP3 Access:POP3 is a standard protocol for receiving e-mail. POP3 is essentially your basic mailbox without advanced functions such as shared contacts, calendars, and public folders.

Public Folder:A public folder is a file on your Exchange server that can be viewed by all users or ones that are given authorization to access it.

Public Folder Disk Space:This is the amount of disk space allocated to your public folder.