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What is Colocation? How Does It Work?

When you use IT services from a trusted provider, you end up hearing a lot of terminology that can be confusing. One of these terms you might have heard is “colocation.” However, you may not understand what collocation is or how it works. Luckily, you don’t have to wonder if this is an important feature in your IT service plan or what it is any longer. Cirrus Hosting is here to help. 

At Cirrus Hosting, you get the best web hosting, IT services, and security software protection with every plan you choose. We have several plan options at various price points, so there is a perfect fit for everyone’s needs. You can get started today by visiting our website or calling one of our friendly customer service representatives anytime. 

Read on to learn what collocation is and how it works for your convenience. 

Introduction to Colocation

Colocation is a form of secure hosting that uses protected data centers. These data centers use very sensitive servers, equipment, storage space, and bandwidth, which users can purchase through reliable IT service providers. In other words, colocation is a reliable data center facility where companies buy space to host their servers to others. Colocation facilities store most companies’ information because they don’t always have the capacity to operate data centers independently. Therefore, a colocation facility could be the perfect solution for your business. 

Advantages of Colocation Facilities 

There are many advantages of using a colocation facility. Here are just a few of the reasons choosing this option with Cirrus Hosting can be a lucrative idea for your business. Plus, businesses of all sizes can benefit from these services. Advantages include overall higher speeds with fewer redundant network connections, lower bandwidth costs, and physical data center security measures. Furthermore, colocation facilities must meet strict compliance laws with trusted certificates and badges. Finally, they can provide technical support, long-term stability, scalability, and constant flexibility. 

Bonus Features of These Services 

If you are looking to improve your business’s uptime, colocation services are one of the best places to start. They can cut capital costs and boost your overall quality of service while increasing updates. Plus, migrating your business information doesn’t have to be a hassle. Most user-friendly colocation services can take existing information and server infrastructure and move everything to a new provider data center.

Cirrus Hosting can help you with this switch in no time when you call us to get started.

Your focus on your business needs will improve as an added bonus. With these services, you can focus on managing your business and meeting goals without lowering your service plan budget or compromising your needs.  

Colocation systems you can trust.

How It Works

Now that we understand  what colocation is, let’s examine how this hosting service actually operates. It all begins with a secure and trusted facility that can provide clients with a physical location. There are many features required in these building spaces, from cooling systems to reliable power, bandwidth, and security systems. 

When you reach out to Cirrus Hosting to get started with your colocation hosting plan, we will provide robust servers. Space is leased by the amount you require and the type of data  you need to store. You can invest in managed storage services that support your business initiatives and protect your information further. We will provide plenty of space for your needs, powerful equipment, capabilities, reliable IP addresses, and uplink ports for network connections 24/7.

More About These Facilities 

Other important things to know about colocation providers and facilities is how they work with their clients. A reliable facility will usually be staffed 24/7 to provide troubleshooting support if needed. Plus, there is a good amount of daily upkeep and management required at these facilities to ensure they run at maximum capabilities. Cooling and reliable powering is one aspect of this daily upkeep to stop the risk of outages and losing client information. 

Equipment at these centers is sometimes spread out, which also requires regular staffing and inspection. If your business is a larger entity, it’s important to note that your data could be stored across a wider geographic area. However, you can rest assured that your information  is located close to a trusted physical space. 

Compliance from your facilities should also be a top priority. You can view Cirrus Hosting’s colocation certification on our website anytime. Plus, we believe in true transparency and  can answer any concerns you have about the geographic location of your service plan. 

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