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What are the latest web hosting trends in 2023?

Do you know that currently, there are 1.9 million websites present on the internet? Such a figure itself shows the importance of websites for all companies. With the growth of the internet at such an astonishing rate, web hosting companies have now adapted to such increased demand to meet customers’ expectations. As you move into the New Year, you can see such adaptations in 2023 web hosting trends. 

Top web hosting trends which you will see in 2023

To survive in this cut-throat competition, a web hosting company should always remain on its toes in 2023 to meet all sorts of requirements of the brands. A reliable hosting provider should go beyond the services like handling domain names, providing 24*7 customer service, or user-friendly chat-bots. Let’s take a close look at some web hosting trends which you can see in reputed web hosting companies in 2023.

HTTPS everywhere

In 2018, Google reached the milestone of marking non-HTTPS websites as ‘not secured’, which conveyed the below message to the visitors

  • Always remain online
  • Browse the web for safety
  • Never compromise on personal information

Through such encrypted connections, hosting provides offers more security to the companies. It implies there are some protocols that hosting providers should follow. Below are some advantages of HTTPS:

  • HTTPS websites promise more security to the customers and thus win their trust.
  • It keeps the data more secure against man-in-the-middle (MitM), i.e. hackers, and prevents them from stealing data.
  • HTTPS also improves website ranking, a plus point for brand owners.
  • Encrypted data is transmitted- while going and coming from the server.

Fewer data centres, more cloud

As per Statista, in 2020, data centres were estimated to be 45% of the total IT infrastructure spending. However, this figure is estimated to decrease as most companies now invest in cloud hosting instead of data centre setup, managing servers and storage independently.

Security protocols as ‘Post-covid syndrome.’

With the pandemic outbreak, situations like data violations, scams, and cyberattacks have increased. The government emphasized more on a contract-tracing mechanism to stop the spreading of COVID, which compelled employers to share sensitive data with local authorities. Such data flow of locations and names has led to hacker attacks. It has made hosting providers tighten their security and give enhanced protection to companies. Hence a reliable hosting provider takes care of all such extra measures of security protocols.

Diversification + Tooling

To stand out as a reputed hosting provider in 2023, you must offer value-added services and tools to the companies. Gone are the days when hosting providers emphasized more spacing and extra bandwidth. Along with these features, you must provide extra features like training to new hosting users, learning resources, SEO and marketing tools, a good knowledge base, etc. For instance, companies can provide a drag-and-drop platform for easy website management and development. Even you can organize live webinars or YouTube tutorials.

Green web hosting

It is currently the trendiest web hosting, creating a buzzword in the hosting service market. Many hosting companies are now putting efforts into eco-friendly practices to get renewable energy certificates (RECs) or Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER).

  • Web hosting providers who give them contribute to renewable energy production receive RECs.
  • VER certificates are given to hosting companies that emphasize emission reduction projects.

There are other hosting practices, too, whose best practices are appreciable:

  • Deliver managed web hosting, which covers system updates, help desk services, admin, and more.
  • Improve the target market and stretch in business niche and current users.

Additional services trend 

Web hosting companies, or VPS hosting, which offer some other additional services to their customers, will find it easy to retain customers in this competitive market. Such expansion of offerings includes:

Managed web hosting

It takes time to run and manage a website and it comes under a tedious task. In managed web hosting, your hosting provider will agree to manage all your site-related functions, thus allowing you to focus only on your core business. It is a great option for business owners with less technical knowledge or if they don’t have time to meet the maintenance demand of the website.

DIY website builders

Today, most Canadian web hosting providers provide website-building applications. You can easily design and customize websites through website builders that web hosting providers can publish on the internet. Such a powerful add-on will likely join in 2023, through which hosting providers will try to stand out in the crowd. 


So, it’s time to change if you still haven’t started implementing any of the above practices. You can survive and thrive in this dynamic online world with such practices. Include some additional features in your hosting and provide packages to make an appealing deal for the customers.