Taking Advantage Of Our Cloud API

One of the most powerful advantages of cloud technology over physical infrastructure deployment is that the cloud is inherently programmable. For businesses and cloud service providers, that brings a whole host of benefits and freedom from many of the headaches associated with managing infrastructure on the physical level.

CirrusHosting allows businesses to take advantage of cloud programmability via the OnApp API, which empowers clients to exercise complete control over their cloud server deployment and management.


Many of the benefits of managing cloud resources via an API can be summed up with one word: control. OnApp’s API allows for a fine-grained control of cloud resources, which results in infrastructure management and deployment processes that are responsive to the needs of businesses in a time frame that allows them to generate the maximum ROI on their own terms, without the limitations inherent in using the control structures deemed suitable by third-party providers.

Cloud API’s allow users to build what they need in a way which closely accords with their use cases and those of their clients. That can be anything from a simple integration to pull usage data for billing, an automatic infrastructure deployment system for spinning up extra resources at times of heavy load, or even an entirely new user interface that better meets that needs of a business.


Every business is different and the needs of each business differ over time. Because the OnApp API is carefully designed to provide low-level control of virtual servers and their management, the actual implementation of that control can be closely tied to the needs and processes of individual businesses and other organizations. Whether a business requires a large amount of processing power to run computationally intensive simulations, or simply requires many relatively low-powered virtual machines for web hosting, our cloud API provides the flexibility to quickly and precisely deploy and manage the necessary resources.


Most companies have existing software for handling various aspects of their business. Our API allows businesses to bridge the gap between that software and cloud management capabilities. For example, the API makes it simple to integrate billing and cloud resources, so that businesses can provide their clients with precisely metered invoices for their cloud-based services.

OnApp’s RESTful API allows businesses to take all the power of the cloud and shape it to suit their business.