What’s going on in Cirrus? November Edition



Do you use PHP? We have the latest updates for you.

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, has been one of the most used programming languages for web pages for years now, and for an industry, which is changing every few months; this is a really big achievement. In order to stay on top of things, the PHP Team is constantly working on improving the code in every way possible.

In Cirrus Hosting, our clients can easily select one of the active PHP5 and 7 versions for their accounts by one click, using our user-friendly PHP Settings Tool in the Web Hosting control panel. We are featuring PHP versions of 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0. The new version supports OOP Technology and has better support for XML than the previous version; also several security bugs are fixed in the latest release of PHP5.


The latest version of Plesk is here!

Plesk has recently released its latest version under the name of Onyx to simplify life for web developers around the world.

Plesk Onyx allows users to manage all their Plesk servers just from one single control panel and it is very simple in set up. Centralizing system and panel updates onto one page is another cool new feature of the Plesk Onyx. Also, this new update supports Docker and developers can deploy and manage Docker containers straights from their Plesk control panel. Upgrading to Onyx is hassle free and much faster. In addition, the newest extension to Plesk, KernelCare, brings the Linux servers ultimate uptime plus maximum security and stability. Learn more about new feature of Plesk Onyx Here

Cirrus VPS and Cloud hosting with Plesk Onyx is ready for your great projects with the easiest server management and instant scaling. Learn more here.


Are you migrating to OnApp?

If you want to migrate to OnApp, either from windows or from Linux, here are great manuals from start to finish from OnApp Tech Blog.

For windows environments click here.

For Linux environments click here.


Holidays are around the corner, are you ready?!

Do you think your website is able to handle massive amounts of traffic at once? As you know a crowd of shoppers on big sales days could lead to sluggish performance or an outright crash. Investing in the right server infrastructure for your expected traffic is a good way to avoid these issues.

Examining every aspect of your website before busy holiday season can help you prepare a strategy to improve customer satisfaction and your business success. A good website requires many things, including fast loading times, quality customer service and security. Working on these elements early can ensure that your website is ready long before your customers even start to think about tackling their holiday shopping lists with your business.

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