Key Advantages of Having a Windows Web Hosting Server

Key Advantages of Having a Windows Web Hosting Server

Online presence is no longer a matter of choice but a necessity for businesses. The first step of getting your business or service online is to decide on a domain name and web hosting service. Selection of the correct type of web hosting is essential because it determines how secured, fast, and accessible your business website will be. Web hosting in Canada is one of the most feature-rich services most hosting companies offer.

If you haven’t explored website hosting services much, let us provide some insights. Generally, all hosting plans such as reseller hosting Canada, VPS hosting, and managed hosting can be technologically categorized as Widows or Linux web hosting.

In this article, we will focus on Windows web hosting Canada.

What is Windows web hosting? 

Simply put, the web hosting server runs on the Windows operating system or any of its variants. Websites hosted on such a server have access to the Windows web development features that are not available on Linux web hosting servers.

Microsoft Windows is already the most popular operating system in the world, with over 75% of desktops running on the OS. As a proprietary operating system, Windows offers unmatched security features. This is why many companies prefer Windows web hosting environments for their servers. Unlike Linux web hosting servers, you get support from Microsoft on any issues regarding the performance or security of the Windows servers.

What to look for in a Windows web hosting company in Canada? 

Windows web servers are a necessity for websites built on .NET. If you are looking for a Canada windows web hosting service, then make sure they are offering compatibility with the following technologies:

  • ASP Classic
  • C sharp
  • Visual Basic
  • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • MS Access (Microsoft Access)
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Websites built on the .NET framework require one or more of these technologies. Choosing the right web hosting service is essential if you expect your websites to perform seamlessly. Furthermore, if your website is enterprise-level, VPS hosting Canada is more suitable for you.

Advantages of choosing Windows over Linux web hosting 

A quality web hosting company in Canada will offer multiple solutions, but Windows hosting services stand out. There are many reasons to choose Windows web hosting.

A Microsoft-Friendly Option

Many businesses use Microsoft products for their operations. For instance, Microsoft Exchange is one of the most extensive email management services, and Microsoft SharePoint is used for collaboration between team members. A Windows server allows them to easily integrate these services into a website that helps them expand their services without spending much on technology migration. Also, is a much easier server-side scripting language compared to other languages. Whether shared web hosting or reseller hosting in Canada, Windows web hosting is ideal for running dynamic and interactive websites.

Robust and powerful 

Canada windows web hosting is based on Windows Server OS, one of the most secured operating systems for web hosting. You can quickly scale Windows server resources as your website grows and the security of these servers are much better than Linux servers. All Windows hosting plans come with a Plesk control panel that makes it much easier to manage, update and expand your website without assistance. Not only for .Net websites, but Plesk is entirely compatible with the most widely used content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. Additionally, all Microsoft products are compatible with Windows servers, a feature you do not get with Linux servers.

Affordable plans 

Windows hosting services suffered a loss because of the high cost of Microsoft licensing. Fortunately, now more affordable plans are available. You can expect to find a Windows web hosting plan for as low as $10 a month with a web hosting company in Canada. We understand that compared to Linux web hosting plans, it is still expensive, but given the features and security of Windows servers, your money is well invested.

Familiarity with Windows Operating System

As Windows Server OS is very similar to Windows OS, you can quickly get used to it. A Windows web server’s features are directly accessible from the Plesk control panel. The intuitive experience of Plesk is much more appreciated than cPanel often found on Linux servers.

Compatible with other Windows tools 

One of the important reasons why many businesses prefer Windows web hosting in Canada is its compatibility with other Microsoft tools. It makes it easier for businesses to manage their operations. For instance, websites built with ASP.NET are highly compatible with Microsoft SharePoint, which many companies use to store their data. It makes it much easier to import business data to and from websites hosted on Windows servers.


Windows web hosting is an excellent option for businesses to ensure a solid web presence with incredible security. Compared to Linux web hosting, as listed above, there are many advantages of investing in a Windows web hosting in Canada service.