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cPanel & WHM New Features – Version 76

October 17, 2018 cPanel, Inc. has officially released cPanel & WHM version 76 and in this post, we will highlight some of the features and updates:


  • Enabled Apache PHP-FPM for all new cPnael setups, this feature enables you to serve more site visits; however in order to make use of this feature you need to have at least 2 GB of memory on your server.
  • Tomcat users can migrate to EasyApache4, if you are using Tomcat you can easily migrate to EasyApache4. This new and improved feature provides a private instance for each user and grants full access to users to access and manage Tomcat. Users get full access to the environment with the highest security in mind as each individual user gets their own tomcat service. Admin can assign ports, manage services for users. This solution is highly configurable as users have a full access and freedom to configure the EA4 whichever way they like. It is also very easy to migrate as system automatically cross-references existing tomcat setups on your account and creates new users, I have to point out this is a memory hungry feature so if you have many users using tomcat you should pay attention to memory usage/allocation – during the upgrade system will generate a warning if you do not meet the memory requirements.
  • MySQL/MariaDB Preflight Check, this new future does not only detects some potential unfixable states but also keeps the MySQL/MariaDB up to date and applies security patches automatically
  • SquirrelMail deprecation – SquirrelMail is officially on it way out due to security concerns. However, this change is not affecting current installations but admins should apply the patches and updates manually once it is released by SquirrelMail.
  • Account preferences interface, it makes it easier to change notifications, languages and etc… new and streamlined user interface

Security updates:

  • Git SSH host key verification, this process verifies the host key against the containing known to prevent or provide protection against the man in the middle attacks
  • Upgraded internal PHP, in order to provide more secure panel the internal PHP is upgraded to version 7.2
  • AutoSSL, it allows you to see the log file, manage SSLs and learn about different providers validity period of SSL certificate


In order to learn more about cPanel and detailed information, you can refer to the cPanel feature request site. You can provide feedback and have communication with the community, product owners and cPanel devs. You can also find loads of information on version releases and also compare most of the features between different cPanel versions by visiting, and if you are looking for high-level summary please visit our blog.