3 Ways Our CDN Improves Your Website

3 Ways Our CDN Improves Your WebsiteModern content publishers and eCommerce retailers need to be proactive about ensuring that their sites offer the best possible user experience. Poor user experiences result in high bounce rates and abandoned shopping carts. One of the most important aspects of user experience is the speed at which your site’s pages load. For every second users wait for a page on your site to load, a significant proportion of them will give up and head back to Google in search of competitors whose sites don’t leave them tapping their fingers in frustration.

For busy sites, a content distribution network is one of the best ways to ensure that content is delivered without delay to users across the world. CirrusHosting’s content distribution network is based on the innovative OnApp cloud platform, which, when compared to the legacy CDNs of other cloud services, offers an unparalleled feature set.


Why keep your site in one data center when you can very easily have it distributed across the world? OnApp’s federated CDN has over 170 points of presence in 113 cities across 43 countries. Distributing your site’s assets to edge servers in these locations and routing client requests to them with OnApp’s IP anycast network results in much faster load times for everyone, no matter their location.

Content is distributed from our origin servers to the CDN’s edge servers by a combination of HTTP Push and HTTP Pull protocols, which makes it perfect for both smaller static assets like images, which can be sent to edge servers as they are requested, and larger files which can be pushed out to the CDN in advance of requests, so there’s no waiting for the edge servers to sync.

Our CDN also supports live streaming and video on demand in multiple formats, including Flash and Silverlight up to 1080p.


Protected content delivery is important to content creators and publishers. With our content delivery network, publishers have complete control over their content delivery policies, including the ability to protect against stream ripping and unauthorized diversion of content. We also provide SSL protection for streams and hotlink prevention. If you’d like to limit content distribution to specific geographic areas to protect license agreements, we can geoblock content distribution.

You can be safe in the knowledge that you will have complete control over where your content is sent.


One of the major benefits of our content distribution network is that, despite its feature-richness, it isn’t at all difficult to manage. We know you’d rather be working on making your site the best that it can be, rather than fiddling around with the underlying infrastructure. Our content distribution network provides a simple global deployment of assets without your having to worry about the nuts and bolts, leaving you free to concentrate on creating great content and products.

The Cloudto.com content distribution network safely and securely puts your content everywhere, helping you to increase sales, engagement, conversion rates, and revenue.