BootHole Vulnerability, CVE-2020-10713, OS patch & mitigation

National Vulnerability Database (NVD) posted a warning on 07/30/2020 about the new vulnerability in GRUB2 prior to version 2.06, you can read more here. In a nutshell almost all Operating Systems use UEFI Secure Boot which is a security feature to protect the boot process from executing codes from untrusted sources. The BootHole Vulnerability enables hackers to bypass the security feature in UEFI. Hackers then can manipulate the boot code and renders PC’s unusable or they can steal private information. It might take a bit longer to permanently fix this vulnerability but Microsoft and different Linux distribution came up with a patch and some mitigation techniques.

To learn more about patching your CentOS machine you can refer to our KB here.

To learn more about Microsoft mitigation recommendation you can refer to Microsoft Security Update Guide here.